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Pre/Post Roll Video

Cincopa allows you to add VAST to display ads in your Cincopa Videos.

VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) is a specification released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that sets a standard for communication requirements between ad servers and video players. It is a data structure declared using XML.

VAST video ads is a great option that lets you promote both your own and third-party content in your videos across all platforms.

You can take full control over ads appearance, placement, performance, and the number of impressions they get. If you own a solid video network or large video portal, you can easily promote your own content with VAST ads.

You can place catchy ad videos in pre-roll or post-roll. Optionally, you can allow viewers to skip ads after a few seconds or keep them after watching the full ad — the choice is yours.

What are Pre/Post Roll Videos?

Pre-roll and post-roll video ads are usually short and catchy. A pre-roll ad starts playing immediately after a user clicks on the play button in the video player before the main video. A post-roll ad is shown after the video.

During the ad playback, video player controls are hidden and users have to watch the entire ad before controls become active.

Interactive pre-roll and post-roll ads will look great with any custom type of video content attracting attention from as many viewers as possible to your brand. Wondering how you can do it with your video?

Let’s take a look at the new advanced video player branding tool introduced by Cincopa.

To start with login to your Cincopa account by accessing the URL: https://www.cincopa.com

Click on Galleries

Next, choose the Gallery where you want to add Pre/Post Roll Videos and then click on Customize Gallery

Next, on the left of the screen, you will different settings. You will now have to click on Pre/Post Roll Video under Monetize to enable Pre/Post Roll Video option.

Now two new options will appear under Pre/Post Roll Video:

Before Main Content (pre-roll): Before main content indicates the beginning of the video. The video you upload here will be played before the actual video starts.

After Main Content (post-roll): After the main content indicates the end of the video. The video you upload here will be played after the actual video ends.

By default, you will see a Cincopa video and you can change it by clicking on Replace Video and click on Done to update the preview.

Once you replace the video and if you play the preview option in the right of the screen, you will see the Pre and Post Roll video.

Now you can click on Save & Next to complete the Pre/Post Roll Video options.

Watch this video walkthrough of setting up Pre/Post Roll Video option for Cincopa Videos

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