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Advanced Video Analytics

Video Analytics by Cincopa is the ultimate source of insights into the online performance of your videos. Here, you can see where video views came from, how your audience interacted with the content, view detailed stats for each video asset, and group them by web page, domain and country.

Check this guide to learn more about tracking video experience with Cincopa advanced video analytics.

Cincopa WordPress plugin

Analytics Dashboard

The video analytics dashboard provides quick stats for all embedded videos in a selected timeframe.

If you would like to view analytics for a specific time period, you can change the dates by using the calendar filter above the graph.

Impressions & Views

The impressions graph shows the number of times when a web page containing an embedded video was loaded by users during which it was available for viewing.

Views are recorded every time when a user clicks on the Play button.

Unique views

As opposed to views, unique views refer to the number of unique users that played a video within a selected timeframe, no matter how many views were made by each user.

Watch time

This graph displays the total video viewing time in hours. Stats are available per video, per page, per site, per country, and the summarized viewing time for all videos in your account.

Detailed stats will appear in the table below the graph. Switch between tabs to sort them by video, devices, page, domain, and geography.

  • The video tab reflects stats by video assets published under your account;
  • Page tab refers to web pages that contain embedded videos;
  • Domain tab groups stats by domain where videos are published;
  • The geography tab displays key metrics by the country where video views came from.

It’s possible to sort table data order by the following parameters: time when activity was tracked, the number of plays, watch time, and engagement rate.

Click on the corresponding section in the table header to select the sorting method (available both in ascending and descending order).

Drill down

View detailed video analytics for a selected table row by clicking on it.

Video heatmaps

The video heatmap screen helps to understand how the audience interacts with the video. The video heatmap shows how the number of views and engagement rate change as users proceed with watching the video.

Open the video heatmap screen by selecting “Video” in the table tabs and clicking on a specific video thumbnail.

Move your cursor over the graph (from left to right) to see visualized stats in dynamics, click the graph to play/ pause the video. Double-clicking on the video will move you to a specific second.

Next to the video graph, there is a detailed report on video performance.

  • Engagement rate shows how the % of active viewers changes while playing the video;
  • Total watch time corresponds with the aggregate time spent by users to watch the video;
  • Play rate is a proportion of views to impressions.

To view a specific user click on the user’s avatar.

Below the graph, there is a table containing the list of all users who viewed the video.

User screen

All information regarding a specific user can be found on the User screen.

It is helpful to learn the user’s location, viewing time, average engagement, first and last view dates, platform, and IP address.

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