What is a CDN and why do I need it?

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a server setup which allows for faster, more efficient delivery of your media files. It does this by maintaining copies of your media at different points of presence (POPs) along a global network to ensure quick client access and the fastest delivery possible. What you don’t want is for your users to have to wait long periods of time while your photos or videos are downloaded.

Cincopa has teamed up with Edgecast, the fastest and most reliable content delivery network on the web. Edgecast has strategically placed “super servers” in over a dozen major cities on four continents in order to deliver content quickly anywhere in the world, without the traffic “bottlenecking” and delays you would get from a typical shared network.

Why Do I Need a CDN?

Web users today are demanding faster, higher-quality services from their media hosting companies. The explosion of broadband and the high demand for rich-media content and applications makes quick access and delivery a top priority.

Server Locations (30+ POPs):

  1. North America: Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn and New York
  2. Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam
  3. Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore
  4. Australia: Sydney
  5. Interconnects: directly connected to 2000+ user networks

Cincopa’s CDN has placed their caching servers at the center of the world’s fastest data centers and key exchange points around the world. They have also signed peering agreements with several major carriers in order to provide rich-media hosting and high-speed delivery services to almost any geographical location at reasonable rates.

Will your website or blog benefit from offering rich media such as music, photos, and videos? Are you concerned that your present server might not be able to store large or multiple files and render them quickly? You should be concerned, because web users are more impatient than ever, and waiting long periods of time for videos to buffer or for photos in a gallery to download just may send them away to some other site. Well, Cincopa can easily and automatically deliver your content to your web pages without any long waits. All of your pages, including all your photos and videos will load quickly and instantly (as in super fast) using our CDN.

There’s nothing you need to do. Edgecast’s CDN is built into the Cincopa platform. Just create your video gallery, photo gallery or audio playlist with our simple wizard, and embed it on your site with the click of a few buttons. The Cincopa CDN will do the rest without any further adjustments from you. Cincopa’s CDN guarantees the safe storage and quick delivery of all your files so your users can enjoy them the instant you upload them to your site.

Why Not Use My Own Server?

Most of the low cost shared hosting accounts you get from the popular hosting companies are not set up for large-scale media storage and delivery, especially those with “unlimited” storage and bandwidth. The setup and maintenance of such hosting accounts (backups, security, etc.) can be complicated and time consuming, and the end result will never be as powerful and efficient as a professional, dedicated CDN such as ours.

  1. Plumbing - from the instant you upload your media files your users will be able to access them without buffering or waiting for lengthy downloads.
  2. Backups - easy backups. We back up all of your media, not just your web site's database.
  3. Security - we use the latest technologies to secure your content and make sure it is not exposed to unwanted access or download.
  4. Scalability - from small businesses to large enterprises, our service can handle any amount of traffic. Can a shared hosting account do the same?
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