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Why Use CDN for Video Displays?

Using a CDN system is beneficial for most international websites and blogs that wish to deliver content to multiple users across the globe. However, for sites that include rich media displays such as videos and audios using CDN becomes a necessity. Why is CDN essential for videos? At the bottom line, CDN radically improves user-experience but in order to fully comprehend the CDN benefits, keep reading the basic definitions, clarifications and implications.

What is a CDN?

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. It is an advanced server system dedicated to optimizing the process of managing, storing, and streaming content to end-users. The servers, referred to as nodes, are located in various geographic locations and each holding a copy of the content.

A CDN system allows faster and more efficient access to the content compared with standard internet delivery. End-users access the copy stored at the closest node; therefore, potential traffic jams near the host server are avoided, the distribution speed increases and the latency decreases.

The Significance of CDN for video distribution

Content delivery network is highly reliable system thanks to the node structure, which reduces the traffic load on the main server. It enables secure storing and consistent delivery both imperative for large files downloads, or streaming media like videos or audios that require large transfer rates. Internet users, today, are not a patient audience; they do not want to wait for the video to load and they certainly will not keep watching the video once they encounter delays and problems such as buffering, stuttering, freezing, jitters and service interruptions.

A CDN intelligent distribution has a few advantages particularly significant to video content delivery:

  1. Speed and efficacy – a content delivery network enables distributing content using the shortest path. Moreover, it prevents a bottleneck formation near the hosting server. As a result, using CDN ensures high quality performance; clean, clear and fast loading videos.
  2. Rapid video streaming – CDN supports streaming media technology, which allows users to constantly receive and play videos, before the entire files have been uploaded.
  3. Crash resistance – crashes are very rare when using content delivery network since the system distributes the traffic to multiple nodes instead of directing it all to one server.
  4. Reliability - there is always another copy that can be accessed, even in case of an outage, crashes, etc.
  5. Bandwidth - CDN saves bandwidth, thus, can reduce the hosting costs.
  6. Mobile – CDN guarantees a consistent viewing experience for all users on all devices.
  7. Video control – users can control the video player function (forward, replay etc.) with no delays.
  8. Content delivery networks support all major audio and video formats.
  9. Support – have any questions or problems? You can always contact a professional support team.
  10. Google Analytics - a simple GA integration allows you to track your users' engagement.

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