SEO Features – Improve your Media Ranking

Most people, who create and manage online galleries, wish their media will reach the widest audience possible whether it is for commercial benefits, educational purposes or any other objective that requires a public exposure. Hence, unless you establish a photo gallery or video player for private use only, you should make sure the platform you choose provides you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly features that can optimize your search engine results.

Turn your Media SEO Friendly

Search engines such as Google and Bing love videos, photos and music displays due to the simple fact that their users like it and they want to keep them happy (happiness is expressed with a good result for the user's search query). In order to achieve high ranking, you need to help search engines find you easily. The problem is search engines do not read pictures and sounds; they look for metadata they can understand, which offer information regarding the content. Therefore, the best way to be noticed is by adding meta-tags, titles and descriptions to the entire gallery, as well as to each media file included in it. The Meta data should be composed of keywords and expressions that match users' searches.

Cincopa helps you to boost your media SEO

Cincopa offers all the services and tools needed for enhancing SEO. All you need to do is conduct a brief keyword research using free services such as Google AdWords tools, and then fill the media details properly, according to the simple wizard guidance, without skipping steps.

Here are the main SEO features provided by Cincopa:

  1. Gallery name and description – entitle and describe your media gallery; use words and phrases people are searching on the web Media file details – add title, caption and description to each photo, video or audio file you upload. Again, focus on expressions people are interested in, which are relevant, of course, to your media files.

  2. gallery description screenshot

  3. SEO tags – the simple code Cincopa generates for you to embed, in order to display your gallery, already includes SEO tags. In case you display your gallery on HTML based website, you have the option to remove the default Meta tags from the HTML code.
  4. seo tags code

  5. CDN – Cincopa uses reliable, state of the art CDN system, which assures there are no latency issues. Users hate to wait for a page or widget to load, what makes load-times a major factor for SEO.
  6. Social Media and Click URL - Cincopa allows you to add active links to your media and to promote your gallery on hundreds of social channels. These two features indicate the popularity of your media and are considered to have a growing influence on search engines ranking.
  7. seo embed gallery

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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