Branded video players – Add logo to video ads, guides and clips

Add Free Professional Blogspot Video and Audio Players

Cincopa's online video platform offers you various free video players in different skins you may customize according to your needs and provides you with high quality hosting and delivery services.

You can modify the setting options of your custom video player and even edit the main CSS files to make sure it suits your page characteristics. Moreover, there is one advanced commercial feature you would not want to miss if you wish to promote your business.

Branding your Business

Interesting, educational, funny or just stunning videos can be used as excellent marketing tools for engaging your audience and promoting your products or services. However, in order to make sure the viewers associate the video with your company, you better use a branded version simply by adding a logo to the video player.

The Easy Way to Create Branded Videos

Unlike YouTube video widgets, Cincopa video players can be branded with your own logo. The process is fast and simple, similar to creating any other gallery through Cincopa platform.

First, you have to open a Cincopa premium account, and then choose one of the branded video player skins, which include a 'Watermark Logo' feature.

The simple wizard will ask you to upload your media files and customize your setting options. You will find the 'Watermark Logo' feature under the 'Advanced' options list. Type the web location of the logo image you would like to show; it must be an external .jpg, .png or .gif image. Finally, select the exact display position of the logo image; you are free to choose any of the four screen corners.

After completing this brief process, your logo will be displayed on all of your gallery's videos.

Branded Videos Benefits

Branded video players, displayed on your website, sent by mail or shared through social networks allow you to enjoy the advantages of a clickable advertisement.

  1. Leave your (Trade) mark on your videos – when having a watermark on your videos you can allow viewers to grab and use your player since they will perform as your (free) marketing agents. The more people watch your videos, the wider exposure your business gets.
  2. Link the Logo – you can make your brand overlay clickable and use it to redirect viewers to a pre-set URL of your choice. This way, you can use the videos to bring traffic to your site. Share your videos through social channels and allow others to promote your website.

Cincopa's video platform covers all video management and hosting requirements and in addition, essential commercial aspects. The responsive design and CDN system enable a flawless performance on all computer screens and mobile devices anywhere on the globe; the application lets you control the video-player's appearance and functions and even track your user engagement via Google analytics. Last but not least, in order to benefit from all these features commercially, the videos must be recognized with your business, which is guaranteed by the branded video feature.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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