Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) – a solution any enterprise should include in its business mix

Digital asset management consists of management tasks and decisions surrounding the activity of each enterprise’s digital assets (files). DAM is a centralized digital library, intuitively quick to deploy and can serve up to any level of interaction within the business. In this way, DAM can give access to the company’s digital assets to any peers, contractors, employers, clients or stakeholders. Digital photographs, animations, creative files, presentations, documents, video and audio exemplify the target areas of media asset management (a sub-category of DAM).

How does Digital Asset Management Work?

Either it is configurable on – premises or hosted on a cloud based system, a Digital Asset Management allows you to have your digital asset at your fingertips, easily searchable and efficient for re-use. Judging on the size of the business which uses it, a DAM can be deployed within a department or it can help an entire multi-national business, without any prior training.

Whether you are in marketing, creative design or publishing you have to adapt to the market trends. That includes the necessity of purchasing a DAM solution integrated, in addition to your CMS (Content Management System) and your PIM (Product Information Management). The Digital Asset Management added to your project management and marketing automation system will entitle you to the overall access and distribution of your content according to the licensing rights.

Which Are the Benefits of Using Digital Asset Management?


All the digital assets are centralized on the Cloud

You can manage all your assets, anytime you want, from a single location, using a comprehensive solution for every level of the digital asset lifecycle. In this way, you can share, re-use, deliver assets across every channel and device, without installing any software or buying and hardware.


Flexible digital assets creation

Within your Digital Asset Management you can create and easily revert back to prior version your assets if needed, having assured all user rights for your data. You can resize or convert files without any complex desktop software, manage and re-use any of your assets more easily, using built-in taxonomy, folders and tags.


Flexible data distribution

Choose the platform (HTML, CMS, social network, etc) you wish to use for showing off your gym images and equipments photo gallery. Then, copy the code and paste it wherever you intend to place the widget on the page.


Metadata management and advanced search for your files

Deadlines are pressing you? Using a DAM you can easily surf among your terabytes of data, using filters or customizable metadata fields to locate your digital assets. This feature gives you the opportunity to assign metadata to every asset entered in your system, creating in the same time, shareable collections of digital assets structured by attributes.


Security of your data is guaranteed

Let alone the fact that your digital assets can’t be lost or misplaced anymore, DAM is proving a high level of security and brand protection. Collaboration or sharing documents is allowed only with secured / rule-based permission.


Brand Management comes as a bonus

For some it might look like a fancy library, but Digital Asset Management is more than that. Inviting customers and clients to view or upload files can be done within a professional environment, keeping a consequent image of your brand. In addition, you can control when and how they have access to your digital assets.


Workflow Management can increase your productivity

Within DAM you can plan, review, approve, create or manage the production of digital/marketing assets using various template and quite intuitive tools. DAM enables as well archival and backups, usage tracking, audit and e-commerce according to your business plan and requirements.

Cincopa Digital Asset Management Solution

Why Use Cincopa For Your Video Hosting? We know more than anybody - the key to a successful business is a clear overview of the assets. If you feel that your digital assets need some order, Cincopa’s digital solution might be the right answer. Doesn’t matter if your assets are commercial or artistic images and photos, audios, animations, tutorials, music clips, presentations, videos or other rich media files, Cincopa’s DAM will provide you with the rules, actions and procedures required for handling your valuable digital content.

The term digital asset management can incorporate an extremely broad palette of software solutions, so Cincopa’s DAM can deal with clients from different dimensions: from a photographer photo database to a multinational which needs enterprise content management. Therefore, you have unlimited access to media galleries, you can create any number of image-, audio- and video galleries and upload to each one an unlimited number of media files.

In addition, metadata is an integrated part of the solution. You can add meta-tags, titles and descriptive information to each gallery and each item for cataloguing and SEO purposes.

Cincopa gives you the opportunity to share or reuse your assets as you please, through hundreds of social channels and/or embed it in multiple websites using the same gallery. Additionally, thanks to the responsive design of most gallery skins, mobile users can enjoy stunning displays.

The DAM solution provided by Cincopa gives you access to your media asset from any device connected to your Cincopa account. If you are worried about the security level of your digital files, everything is completely protected. You can configure your own security settings, allowing users to download or save files.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


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