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Learning and entertainment for young children in the digital age need not just be from books and screens. Podcasts are a wonderful way for children to cultivate good habits, learn new and exciting things about their surroundings and the world, and even indulge in the joy of narrated short stories.

Podcasts can be a great tool to keep your children occupied with learning while getting rid of any chances of screen addiction. Continue reading this article to get a list of the 12 best podcasts for kids.

How are podcasts for kids different from others?

Podcasts for kids aren’t so easy to create, as they are made for ears that require something constantly exciting and fun to listen to. These podcasts need to be colorful, vibrant, and imaginative. Moreover, they need to have educational elements cloaked with fun elements to hold the attention of the child.

Their tender minds demand the podcaster to take responsibility for producing content that would be enjoyable and full of learning while avoiding anything that could harm mental growth. With all that in mind, let’s look at the list of the best podcasts for children out online.

12 Best Podcast your kids would love

#1: Sesame Street

It would be unwise to start off this list without anything but Sesame Street! The popular children’s favorite TV show has its own podcast as well. And all its characters that children absolutely love make their appearances, including Cookie Monster, Elmo, Abby, and an all-new character named Julia. This is a great podcast for you to listen to as a family, with exciting activities, stories, and songs that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. You’ll find it on Apple Podcasts, Audible, and other such platforms.

#2: Brains On

For parents looking for fun podcasts for their children to learn from, Brains On is surely one worth checking out. This is yet another podcast that you can listen to as a family or play just for your child. Brains On is all about exploring and learning all there is to know about science, technology, and nature. The best part is that your kids will learn something new every single episode without ever finding the learning process a boring task! Brains On is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and NPR.

#3: Aaron’s World

Is your kid a big fan of dinosaur stories? If yes, Aaron’s world is just perfect! Revolving around two fictional characters, a boy named Aaron and INO, his loyal and trustworthy sidekick, the podcast is full of prehistoric dinosaur world exploration. Aaron and INO go about exploring the world, coming across a variety of awesome dinosaurs! What makes it even better is that this series of short podcasts has been written by a 6-year-old kid named Aaron, who’s been turning his own imaginations into a podcast for kids!

#4: Purple Rocket Podcast

Purple Rocket Adventures is by far one of the best podcasts for kids, ticking every box including quality learning, behavior and habit development, immersive storytelling, and exciting exploration. It has different audio bundles, with each serving a different purpose. “Grandpa’s Globe” bundle includes storytelling podcasts that are about the exploration of our world, along with important lessons sprinkled throughout. There’s a space exploration bundle for kids that are interested in exploring outer space. And there’s a bundle called “Life” that includes standalone stories, teaching important lessons for life. These are just names of a few bundles, among others, that are packed with long podcasts your kid will love!

#5: Five Minutes with Dad

Five Minutes with Dad is a heartwarming podcast that would teach your kids lessons that would last them a lifetime. This podcast is about a father who has normal conversations with his two children. During these conversations, he shares stories and learnings from his own life with them. Through these stories, he teaches them about essential human characteristics like kindness, compassion, being caring and loving to others, and even yourself. Tuning in won’t take much time at all, only leaving behind some important values for your child to gather and nurture.

#6: Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

Saturday Morning cereal is a music podcast for kids, releasing a new 2-hour episode every Saturday. If you’re wondering what’s so different about kid’s music than any other kind, or whether it would be a nuisance to play on the living room speaker, we’d suggest you give it a try. Unlike other kinds of kid’s music, this podcast has something even you’d love listening to. The only difference that lies is that it includes music that’s been specifically produced keeping kids in mind.

#7: Story Seeds

Story Seeds is a unique podcast on this list, as it’s the only one that teaches your kid how to write their own stories. Each episode is about a child between the ages of 6 and 12, pairing up with an author to write a book based on the child’s own imagination. The podcast is long, but it can be great for kids who take an interest in reading, writing and are always cooking up imaginative stories.

#8: Story Pirates

Stories about pirates – what’s there not to like? This podcast is a collection of exciting pirate stories and songs that your kid could not help but sing along with. These stories are relatively short and fun throughout, making it a wonderful option for times when your child wants to do something fun and entertaining. Plus, it’s better than watching television any day! They’ve even got some great merch and books on their website that you should definitely check out.

#9: Little Stories for Tiny People

Another one of the many great kids’ stories podcasts on this list, Little Stories for Tiny People, is a short and sweet series for the young ones. It includes a ton of short stories narrated in a soothing voice, making it a great option for bedtime stories. Most of these stories are tales about animals and are fun and cozy to listen to. If you have a kid under the age of 8 or 10 and are trying to get them used to podcasts, you should start with this one.

#10: Peace Out

In today’s age, where the practice of meditation and mindfulness have become essential to healthy living, peace out teaches kids the basics at their tender age and makes them well-equipped for the future. This is by far the most soothing podcast on this list, great for your child’s bedtime as well as their free time where they can learn and practice mindfulness. These lessons are weaved into stories that are short and fun to listen to.

#11: Noodle Loaf

Noodle Loaf is an award-winning music podcast with its own unique style of teaching and entertaining young kids. Each episode is play-based, with characters acting in a play, talking to the beats of the background music. Not only is it constantly engaging and fun, but it also teaches your children about different elements of music and storytelling. Episodes are neither too long nor too short and are recommended for slightly older kids.

#12: Stories Podcast

Ending the list with one of the best kid-friendly podcasts out there, the Stories Podcast, as the name clearly suggests, is a story narration podcast. Each episode has been inspired by famous tales and stories with unique twists and changes to make it even more exciting for the young ones. It’s certainly a great way to get your kids hooked to fun, educational, and entertaining podcasts that they could listen to in their free time.

Want to start a podcast for kids? Choosing the best podcast hosting provider

If you’re looking to start a new podcast for kids yourself, it’s highly recommended that you first start listening to the ones mentioned on this list. Understanding what makes these podcasts so interesting for children might take a little more than just your head. So ask your own child after they listen to any of these podcasts what exactly makes them like it so much. Ask yourself why you were inspired to start a podcast for kids? What would you do differently to make it fun and exciting for them while also making it educational and valuable to listen to?

You should also spend time choosing a good podcast hosting service. A good podcast hosting service would make it easier to upload big files while reducing stream buffer time and provide seamless play. You should also look for additional tools and support services in the various services out there to find one that gives you the most benefits.

This is where Cincopa stands out from the rest. Cincopa’s podcast hosting platform provides great audio and podcast player templates, an easy drag-and-drop method to upload files that manage any conversions and transcoding needs and a simple line of code generator that enables you to display the product anywhere you want. Choosing Cincopa as your podcast hosting service before you start will help avoid any hiccups in the future and avoid any issues that could disrupt your podcast publishing flow.


Originally published on April 8th, 2021
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12 Best Podcast for Kids to Listen to

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