5 of the Best Gifts to Get Video Lovers This Holiday Season  

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, you may be wondering what to get the video geek in your life. Video creators will appreciate any gift that helps to streamline their video production, improve video quality, or get more viewers. Here are some of the best gifts you can give them this holiday season.

1. Cameras for any occasion


Many video creators use smartphones for creating videos and the best ones can create good-quality videos. However, the gift of a camera can take content creation to the next level.


When looking at cameras there are various factors to take into account. For example, for visually engaging footage, a camera should have a 4K resolution. You also need to consider the materials, design, lenses, etc.


  • What is the size of the sensor?

  • Is the camera able to record fast motion without image distortion?

  • Can it record in low light?

  • What frame rates does it support?


It is best to go for a well-known reputable brand. Reading customer reviews can also be helpful.


The Canon EOS M50 Mark II is a versatile camera with a 4K video capacity. It’s ideal for the content creator who wants to connect with an audience via live streaming and capture awesome videos and photos. Users can share key moments as they happen such as behind-the-scenes footage. Wireless connectivity and EOS Webcam Utility enable the use of the camera as a webcam. When you buy the full kit it is bundled with a stereo microphone and lightweight tripod. 


The Logitech C270 HD Webcam is a great gift for the meeting guru or sales video creator. It is a budget-friendly option for smooth conference calls in a widescreen format. Automatic light correction makes colors appear natural and authentic. The webcam is compatible with platforms like Zoom and Skype and has a built-in noise-reducing microphone. A universal mounting clip secures the webcam to a laptop or monitor. 

2. Tools and Hardware


A tripod can make a great gift for a video content creator. Without a tripod, it is difficult to capture stable footage. A video for website must be high quality and a shaky video will drive viewers away rather than engage them. With stabilization from the right tripod, it’s possible to take more professional-looking footage. 

  • The Nikon Full Size Black Tripod is a good option. It is adaptable and lightweight, and the height is adjustable. You can pan and tilt easily with a good grip handle. A rotating ball head has a plate that locks the camera securely into position. 

  • The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal is great for helping an on-the-go content creator using a mobile phone to stabilize shots. It is compatible with iPhone and Android. Even with the addition of an external lens, the powerful 3-axis motor keeps the phone steady. It has convenient and easy-to-use gesture controls. Users can lock their phones in place for 360-degree views, stationary shots, or just about any hand-guided angle pan, or for zooming in or out. 


A 50mm lens: A lens with a focal length of 50mm is one of the most popular lenses because it is so versatile. It is only ineffective when a subject is really far away in which case a telephoto lens is necessary. A prime 50mm lens has the same focal length as the human eye. As it doesn’t result in distortion, it is a good choice for headshots and lifestyle photos.  



3. Video software subscriptions


There are many video software subscriptions, from video editing to video hosting software. The best tool for video editing will depend on factors such as budget and technical ability. Some video editing software is easy to use with basic features. Other software is far more complex and can take a while to master. 

Editing software


Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional suite of video editing tools for which you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. It includes AI-powered tools like text-based editing, color matching, and audio enhancement. You can do everything from basic edits to more complex color-grading and object-tracking. The basic editing tools are fairly easy to use but the more complex ones have a learning curve. This software is powerful and comprehensive. If a video creator doesn’t need to use all its features, it is better to go for cheaper software.


Wondershare Filmora is reasonably priced and suitable for those who want to try out some interesting effects but don’t want the learning curve that comes with Adobe Premiere Pro. Some of the features include color matching, speech-to-text, and motion tracking. It performs well when it comes to export speed. Versions are available for Windows and macOS. You can purchase an annual subscription or a reasonably priced perpetual license. 

Video hosting software


A video hosting platform subscription is a special gift to give someone who produces an extensive range of videos. Video hosting for websites is complex. Most websites don’t have the infrastructure and technology to cope with hosting videos. They are large files that take up space and can make a website slower. It is also difficult to manage delivering videos in the right format to users who use many different devices and platforms.


Most content creators use a third-party hosting platform. Many of them use YouTube but YouTube falls down when it comes to customization options, security, analytics, and other features. Content creators serious about building their own brand authority need to consider other hosting options.


Cincopa is an enterprise video hosting platform that offers smart digital media management. The cloud-based video platform offers plenty of storage for videos and helps with managing, editing, and distributing them.


Live streaming and video on demand: Video on demand hosting allows users to access videos at any time and from anywhere. Cincopa offers storage for video on demand and supports video streaming. Streams are automatically saved and users can enhance these streams with on-video tools and use them as video on demand in a video library.


On-video tools: Content creators can add calls-to-action, contact forms, annotations, subtitles, and more to their videos. This helps them to target audiences, boost engagement, and generate leads.


Customization: Users of Cincopa can customize video players with their own logo brand colors etc. They can incorporate videos seamlessly into their websites by customizing video galleries and templates. This offers viewers a more cohesive experience and helps to build brand recognition.


Video SEO: Cincopa offers a variety of tools to help users with video SEO. They can use these tools to increase the relevance of videos to specific keywords in search engines. Users can upload videos in bulk and add metadata, titles, descriptions, and tags with keywords to help with their discovery. Cincopa uses JSON-LD which is an SEO-friendly embed. It loads video onto a website faster and promotes its discovery in video search.


Secure video hosting: Cincopa has layers of security features that make video content safe and secure. Users don’t have to worry about unauthorized download and use of video content. Some of these features include encryption, password protection, and domain lock.


Advanced analytics: Cincopa provides users with in-depth analytics to help them get insight into viewer behavior and the performance of videos. They can access dashboards and heatmaps to get insights that help them to make relevant improvements. For example, if many people drop off a video at a certain point, this is the content they know they need to work on.

4. Professional lighting


Lighting needs careful consideration when making a video. The right lighting helps with setting the mood for a video. It gives the user the ability to choose different brightness levels, adjust color temperature, and more. For those who don’t have the luxury of shooting in an environment with lots of natural light, professional lighting can help with the creation of a quality video. Good lighting can be expensive but there are some more affordable options available.


  • The Yongnuo YN360 II LED Light Wand is compact and easy to use in small spaces. It’s a good choice for vlogging in a home studio. The light wand has full-color RGB lamps and is powered by a built-in 5200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery works for two hours at maximum brightness in temporary color mode and for four hours at maximum brightness in full RGB color mode. This product is a more affordable alternative to some similar products on the market. 

  • The Lume Cube Panel is a powerful, portable light that helps on-the-go content creators to adapt to any conditions. It has an LCD screen on the back for adjusting brightness and color temperature. It gives feedback on how long the LED will last at each setting. 

  • The Westcott Photo Basics uLite Three Light Kit is a full lighting setup. It has two 500-watt lights and a background light. Light stands are included and it is easy to set up. 

  • The Neewer 660 LED Video Light Kit has 330 warm white and 330 cool white LEDs. It offers adjustable brightness and color. Lighting is consistent and flicker-free. The kit also contains two light stands, power adaptors, power cables, and carrying bags. 

  • ESDDI Studio’s continuous lighting kits are a budget-friendly option. The ESDDI PS055 kit comes with soft boxes, green screens, and lighting umbrellas. The umbrellas help to diffuse light and reduce shadows. 

5. Compact and powerful microphones


The built-in microphones on most computers often pick up too much background noise, add fuzz, and dull the natural speaking tone. Nobody wants to watch a video with poor sound quality. Video meetings where sound isn’t crisp and clear are ineffective.


A standalone mic connected via USB is best for recording podcasts, participating in conference calls, and much more. Some microphones attach directly to cameras for making marketing videos or sales videos.


For anyone who wants to record high-quality audio on a computer, a good USB audio interface is essential. When they find a video on Google, viewers will immediately drop off if it offers poor audio quality.


The Tonor USB Microphone is great for streaming, chatting, and podcasting. It captures clear, crisp sound and eliminates unwanted background noise. The USB port makes it plug-and-play without any need for driver software or an audio interface. It is easy to set up and compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. The scissor arm stand gives stability and flexibility for positioning the microphone. It’s an affordable, reliable, and versatile option for any recording needs. A foldable mic tripod, power cord, mini shock mount, pop filter, and manual are included.


The Blue Yeti USB Microphone was launched nearly 15 years ago and is still one of the best USB microphones for the price. As the competition is breathing down its back, you can often find it on sale today. It is small and lightweight so it’s perfect for those who film videos in different locations. The voices in podcasts or voiceovers are crisp and clear and the speakers’ voices sound natural. This versatile and solidly built mic will also last for years.


The RØDE NT-USB+ is a newer product to consider. It looks good, has great sound quality, and its solid build makes it hard to beat at its price point. 


Whether the recipient of your gifts is a blogger, influencer, broadcaster, or something else, they will appreciate one of the thoughtful gifts mentioned above. What you decide on will come from your knowledge of the person in question and what activities they do on a daily basis. If you want to buy a subscription as a gift, Cincopa offers a free trial of 30 days. This allows a content creator to fully experience the platform before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan.

Originally published on December 13th, 2023
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5 of the Best Gifts to Get Video Lovers This Holiday Season  

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