Add Background Music or Audio to Responsive Slideshow Players

There are times when enhancing your HTML slideshow presentation with either an accompanying music bed or audio track can add something truly special for your website visitors.

Picture this:

You are a photographer who is sharing part of your portfolio in a beautiful online slideshow. You could, of course, add a cool music track to the slideshow to maximum the “experience” for those viewing your work. Or you could also record an audio track of you describing each piece in more detail. Now there’s a fresh idea!

The point is, being overtly creative gets you noticed, and increases user engagement – something you definitely want.

Cincopa has created a brand new Slideshow Feature allowing your creativity to shine. Now you can add music or audio to one of our fully responsive slideshow players.

Here’s how:

1. Select one of our supported skins

a. Responsive jquery slider
b. Responsive jquery slider with video
c. Full Screen Slideshow with Background Video Player
d. Responsive Moving Image Slider

Cincopa is complete video and image hosting


2. Click the ‘Basic’ tab, then name and describe your new gallery

Cincopa screenshot



3.  Click the ‘Advanced’ tab and turn “Background Music Loop” to the ON position.
Adjust the volume to your liking

cincopa screenshot

4.  Upload your media, including a music or audio track and your images, ensuring that the audio track is the first media loaded, as seen below

Cincopa screenshot


That’s it! Embed your new slideshow player on your website or blog using one of our many embedding options. Here’s a sample of what your new slideshow player with music or audio will look and sound like.


Cincopa is complete video and image hosting

Originally published on February 12th, 2015, updated on May 14th, 2020
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Add Background Music or Audio to Responsive Slideshow Players

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