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How B2B Educates Prospects Through Video Marketing

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How B2B Educates Prospects Through Video Marketing

We’re all too familiar with the challenge of standing out in the bustling B2B market. With a $317.55 Bn industry teeming with over 30,000 SaaS companies, it’s easy for your software solution to get lost in the din. 


Buyers are tech-savvy and have access to a wide range of information. They read whitepapers, skim software brochures, and even attend webinars. 


But do they understand what your product can do for their business? A report suggests that 55% of them might abandon your product if they fail to understand it.


So, what is the solution?






Research by Techsmoth suggests that 83% of people like to watch videos to access instructional or informational content.


Educating prospects through video requires crafting a strategic narrative. It should speak directly to your ideal customer’s pain points, demonstrate your solution in action, and position your brand as a partner in their success.


So, now the question is — are you ready to prepare a video to educate your B2B prospects?


If so, we have some tips to get you started.


Let’s explore.

#1. Know Your Audience Well

Know the audience for whom you are making videos. This is not just about demographics but also about delving deep into their business pain points, challenges, motivations, and aspirations.


To know this, opt for customer surveys, feedback forms, and social listening to gather insights. This way, you’ll get to know your prospects’ specific challenges, which will help tailor your video content to address these issues directly.


Here’s what you can actually do to know your audience.


  • Explore firmographics to analyze prospects’ company size, industry, etc., then compare it with your existing customer data to uncover what makes your target audience tick.
  • Create detailed profiles representing your ideal customers. Give them names, job titles, and backstories. 


It should look something like this.

So make sure you outline their daily struggles, goals, and how your software can help them overcome obstacles and achieve success.

  • Refrain from using jargon and technical terms that can confuse or alienate your audience. Instead, use language that resonates with them, addresses their specific needs, and demonstrates a deep understanding of their industry.


For instance, if you provide LMS software, avoid focusing only on features like “course creation” or “assessment tools.” Instead, demonstrate gamification features, interactive content, or personalized learning paths. While at it, grab the opportunity to showcase how LMS’s analytics can track learner progress, identify knowledge gaps, and prove ROI. Similarly, if you have an ERP solution, make detailed videos on the functionality of each module and demonstrate with user flow of atleast one use case. 

Diversify Your Videos

Keep your audience engaged as you cater to different learning preferences. Customize videos for each sales funnel stage — top, middle, and bottom.

The top one will see essential introductory videos, while those in the middle will see more features, functionalities, and UI differences. However, those at the bottom of the funnel would appreciate use cases and practical tips to simplify their business operations. 


Also, different prospects have different learning capacities. Some prefer quick, bite-sized content through microlearning videos, while others crave in-depth explanations. Consider mixing up a few formats that help cast a wider net to increase the reach without diluting the product message.


Here are some quick ideas to try:


  • Explainer Videos: Concise, animated videos to break down complex concepts or demonstrate the features and benefits of your SaaS product.
  • Customer Testimonials: Capture authentic stories from satisfied customers and use them to create video testimonials that build trust while highlighting your software’s impact on their business.
  • Product Demos: Develop in-depth walkthroughs of your software to highlight its functionality and demonstrate the value proposition.
  • Webinar Recaps: Edit short, condensed versions of webinars focusing on key takeaways and actionable advice.

Optimize Videos for Mobile

Users spend time on mobile; you’d want to leverage that to showcase your product videos. A Statista report suggests mobile devices generate over half of all website traffic worldwide. So, to tap a broader user base, consider catering to those using smartphones or tablets during their commute, lunch break, or between meetings.


Here are some essential tips to consider for this.

  • Keep it Short: Mobile viewers have shorter attention spans. So create videos under 5 minutes, or even better, under 2 minutes.
  • Create Vertical Videos: Create vertical videos that take up the entire screen on mobile devices for a more immersive viewing experience.
  • Include Captions: Users in offices and public places may view videos on mute. So, provide captions that get the message across even without sound.
  • Optimize for Speed: Don’t let mobile users leave your product video mid-way. Hence, use a fast-loading video hosting platform that prioritizes quick delivery.

Wrapping Up

Video marketing can be a game changer in a crowded B2B SaaS space only if you have the tools and tactics in your armory. Beyond simply showcasing your product, consider building relationships, establishing trust, and positioning your brand as a valuable partner. 


We’ve shared three tips and key action items to help you get started. Consistently crafting and delivering high-quality, informative videos can help you become a thought leader in your industry and drive meaningful results for your business.




Author Bio: 

Taher Batterywala is a creative marketer who loves to write & design content that organically drives conversions. He is the creator of Pineable, the world’s first content marketing design inspiration hub. He regularly shares his thoughts about content marketing, SEO, and design. As a true cinephile, he admires movies above anything else

Originally published on June 27th, 2024
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How B2B Educates Prospects Through Video Marketing

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