How to Create an Effective Virtual Tour Video

Today, learn how to make virtual tours do more than just show off a location; learn to create videos that will boost your business with these five tips.

Virtual Video Tour

As technology continues to advance, virtual video features are becoming more common every day. The COVID-19 pandemic served to accelerate the move to incorporate more digital assets for everyone, from real estate agents to hospitality businesses across the nation as well.

The ability to showcase a location through a virtual tour video gives consumers, buyers, and potential partners the chance to explore a place as if they are there. This ability can make a huge difference in your pitch, but you must know how to create an effective virtual tour video for it to work in your favor.

Making a virtual tour video that works as intended takes time, patience, and knowledge. Today, learn how to make virtual tours do more than just show off a location; learn to create videos that will boost your business with these five tips.

Virtual Tour Video

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#1: Know Your Goals

What does your business have to gain from high-quality virtual tours?

This can vary significantly from sector to sector, but one thing remains the same across all industries. Being aware of what your specific goal is will help you to achieve it more effectively. When you know your plan, you can lead your videos in the best direction to achieve it.

Real estate agents, for example, may want to show as much of the property as possible without too much time investment. They would benefit from focusing on choosing gear that fits this goal to be efficient with their available time.

Ask yourself what your goal is, and then list up some video tour ideas that will help to achieve it. Let these ideas lead you to success!

#2: Invest In The Right Gear

As mentioned in the example above, choosing the right gear can affect how well you achieve your goals. There are many different capturing devices for making virtual tour videos, as well as various software options for composing the final video.

Ensure that the devices and editing programs you choose can create the specific type of virtual tours you need. There are many options to consider, but the time it takes to browse them is time well spent.

There are many factors to consider when choosing between different gear; these are some of the most important:

  • How hard is it to learn how to use it?
  • How much time will it take to create a single virtual tour?
  • Does it fit my current project budget?
  • Will I need to hire a professional to assist with the gear?
  • Can I use the gear for any other projects?

Asking yourself these questions about cameras, monopods, and other devices will make it easier to choose the right fit.

#3: Prioritize Quality

Quality should be the first foot forward with virtual tours in every scenario. If you have to choose between how long the video can be and the video’s quality, the right choice is usually going to be to improve the quality.

No matter how long or detailed a video tour is, it will not help consumers decide anything about your business without being viewable in high definition. High-quality imagery is eye-catching, engaging, and memorable. Investment into this category is sure to pay out large returns.

#4: Limit Clutter

Clutter comes in many shapes and forms. From background noise to overflowing trash bins, clutter of all types is distracting to the viewer. When producing virtual video tours to show off a real estate listing or introduce an investor to the office plans, all clutter should be eliminated.

One great way to do this is to pull out your phone and film a test virtual tour on it. Play the video in slow motion, and find out if anything is drawing your attention away from the primary goal.

#5: Platform and Compatibility

Finally, make sure that the virtual video tours you create are viewable by your intended audience. Choose the right platform for hosting your videos, and ensure that the tours will be compatible with different device types.

Some Virtual tours allow viewers to move around and interact with the video, so you want to be sure that this functionality will work cross-platform. Take time to choose the right host to fit your business plans and goals.

Harness Your Effective Efficiency

It can take time to determine how to best make a virtual video tour, but the time investment will pay off down the line. After figuring out the structure of video tours for your company, you will have the necessary guidance to produce as many as needed efficiently.

Technology, especially video technology, can be overwhelming. Focus as you lean into the rapid changes found so that you can take advantage of all there is on offer. Your business can see huge benefits from utilizing virtual tours: what are you waiting for?


Originally published on April 23rd, 2021, updated on May 17th, 2021
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How to Create an Effective Virtual Tour Video

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