Should You Outsource Your Video Editing?

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Outsourcing is not a new practice. Many companies of today outsource their manufacturing. 

The Clorox Company, for example, has about 9,000 employees worldwideGap produces all of their clothing lines outside of the US, and Apple’s iPhone assembly happens mostly in China. 

Outsourcing has obvious financial benefits. Since many countries have strict protections for their factory workers, it’s somewhat tricky and costly to oversee. 

Another type of outsourcing and also the most common one is professional outsourcing, or when a company hires a firm or an agency for specialized professional services. Such services include administrative, legal, accounting, or purchasing jobs.

With the emerging technologies, we have witnessed a rise of freelancers with expertise in the IT industry. IT outsourcing, the most popular type of outsourcing, is practiced by lots of successful companies starting with Google, Amazon, Skype, and WhatsUp. 

If you need a small project to be done or need a team for ongoing projects your company is interested in, there are no limitations to finding the right fit. Project outsourcing can bring immense benefits to your business, and outsourced video editing is not an exception. 

With all social media platforms out there, the demand for quality video content is higher than ever. Video content is king, and it’s being adopted not only by individuals but also by businesses. 

Video is the best way to attract, engage, and enchant their target audience as well as earn their loyalty

Over the last few years, this medium has become an essential part of a successful content marketers’ promotional strategy. Many consider it the most appealing communication channel for reaching out to people and generating leads

Whether you need to edit a dream wedding clip, an engaging sales video, a corporate video of a conference, or a training session, your best option is not necessary to use your in-house video editor.  

Outsourcing a video editing project to someone with extensive experience in the video editing domain allows you to transform all types of raw footage into professional videos seamlessly while keeping the pace you need. 

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider hiring a remote professional or a whole team for video editing projects rather than assigning them to your full-time employees:

  • High-cost savings
  • Global access to highly qualified talent
  • A new and fresh perspective
  • Fully scalable
  • The ease of employment handling

Now, let’s take a closer look at these benefits. 

High-Cost Savings

Creating high-quality videos is crucial, but it is also essential to understand that video editing is a specialized field. You can do all the video recording in-house, but the editing part needs to be done by a professional.

Video Outsourcing Cost Savings

Top-notch video editors can successfully transform mediocre footage into a beautiful final product, a professional skill that the rest of us might not necessarily possess. 

The good news is that you don’t have to hire and maintain an in-house video editing specialist and pay for all the relevant equipment and software, not to mention all the coffee needed to get the work done. 

Even some of the biggest movie producers work with outsourced post-production companies because they need to stay within the budget, and the funds are never big enough. 

When you outsource your video editing projects, you get more for less, and in the best-case scenario, you don’t have to worry about quality. 

Global Access to Highly Qualified Talent

When outsourcing a professional video editor, you can obtain a level of talent and skill that might not be available in your area. 

Video editing trends and technologies are evolving quickly, and your in-house specialist may lack the latest video-editing software and may not be familiar with the current trends. 

Videographer Editor

When you outsource your video editing, you can choose passionate editors with the required expertise and all the necessary equipment to produce top-quality videos while utilizing the latest and greatest industry talent. 

A New Perspective

You may have some fantastic ideas about your videos but bringing them to life without having the required skills is unrealistic. 

Sharing your artistic vision with the right editor who has worked on thousands of projects over the years means getting a new perspective. Together, you can shape your ideas so your raw footage turns precisely into what you want as a final result. Also, outsourced video production projects can be co-organized, shared, and managed at Cincopa; a centralized digital asset management platform for all types of media files that lets you remain connected to the production stages and previews.

Fully Scalable Video Production

Your video content requirements may vary from month to month, but your in-house editors have limits. 

Video Editing Outsourcing

For example, your video team might have a highly functional workflow to produce five videos per month. Suppose that most months, your team has five videos due. One month, you have ten videos, then the next, your clients only want five. In this case, your video marketing team can make five videos and outsource the rest.

If you outsource your video editing, you will have as much video content as you need at any given time.

The Ease of Employment Handling

Suppose you have outsourced your video editing process to independent professionals but aren’t fully satisfied with the project’s fruition. In such a case, you have absolute freedom never to use them again and find new specialists if you choose to.

Since you most likely will have a contract in place, whether it’s signed online or in person, you won’t necessarily have to pay for the work. Just make sure your agreement is foolproof to avoid any potential headaches that might arise. 

Final Recommendations

If you have decided to go the outsourcing route, how can you find result-driven video editors that can efficiently deliver high-quality results? 

Below are several video-editing services you might explore for outsourcing your video editing:

Besides, you can also use platforms like Upwork or FlexJobs.

And if you happen to be a video editor yourself, use a Video Production Proposal Template to secure a project. A professionally made proposal template significantly increases your chance of getting a project.

There’s no need to be afraid of outsourcing your video editing to an experienced professional or a specialized company. Just play it smart, find the right company, and you might be pleasantly surprised by just how easy it is to get all video editing work done.


Originally published on February 19th, 2021, updated on May 6th, 2024
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Should You Outsource Your Video Editing?

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