How Video Prospecting Helps SDRs Deliver Qualified Leads?

Everything about sales in today’s digital environment has become highly dynamic and more challenging than ever before.

Video Prospecting deliver sales quality leads for Sales Development Representatives

With easy availability of information, consumers are now aware of various sales tactics used by the businesses, so they try to evade them by any means necessary. Companies still cannot give up and need to make a profit, and to do that, a different sales strategy that enables better conversions is needed.

This is where the concept of Sales Development Representatives comes in. There is a lot involved in the responsibility of an SDR. Here is how video prospecting can help boost their efforts to bring in sales.

What is a Sales Development Representative (SDR)?

Over the years, the sales field has grown, with new roles being introduced and older concepts being replaced with new ones. This has been caused by newer technologies that help support these new sales roles and streamline their work processes. Sales Development Representatives are a great example of this since this concept only gained traction a few years ago.

What is a Sales Development Representative? Unlike regular salespeople that use cold calling, direct selling, and other sales techniques, SDRs take a different route.

SDRs work closely with marketing teams to help turn online traffic into paying customers. This is done by sales funneling which takes potential customers through a pre-made customer journey designed to bring them to the selling point.

This is known as lead generation since traffic is turned into leads and then qualified as such appropriately. To support this, prospecting with video has become one of the most successful lead generation tasks.

Using visually aesthetically sales video content can help with generating leads and funneling potential customers into the sales funnel. This has become known aptly as video lead generation and is one of the most effective strategies used by SDRs.

Sales Pipeline and Funneling ‘Qualified Lead’ 

Sales funneling requires a customer journey mapped out carefully planned out. That is why SDRs work closely with marketing teams to try and curate marketing content to be consistent with the sales funnel.

Sales Development Representatives figure out the best initial form of contact and what type of content is most suitable. From then on, SDRs qualify sales leads accordingly between the main two categories.

Qualified leads either fall into the Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) or into Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). SQLs are leads that are primed and ready for hard selling, which is mostly the next stage in the funnel. On the other hand, MQLs are leads that have shown interest in the marketing material of the company but still need some convincing. By using consumer personas, SDRs could determine social media as the best first point of contact between brands and customers.

Afterward, SDRs can use video email to qualify those leads appropriately. By using direct sales video, SDRs can call users to action. This just serves to prove how elaborate virtual selling is and the pivotal role video content can play in the efforts of getting more sales. SDRs can use videos from start to finish in the customer journey they have mapped out as their sales funnel.

Power of Personalized Sales Video and Video Engagement to increase conversion from VL to QL with your SDR

Personalized sales videos play a crucial role when supporting SDR efforts because they directly influence whether potential customers will engage positively. If potential customers are introduced to the brand using non-personalized sales videos, the likeliest possibility is a higher bounce rate. On the other hand, if SDRs use non-personalized video content before a lead is sales qualified, there is a possibility of that potential customer losing interest.

This shows the importance of using personalized video content consistently throughout the sales funnel. SDRs target leads through different types of video content on social media platforms and personalized email marketing. Additionally, with advancements in website development, SDRs can use a video landing page depending on the preferences of each user.

SDRs can personalize the video landing page to drive users further down the sales funnel by using insights from the buyer personas. Personalizing video content that users will discover throughout the journey is important to make a compelling video prospecting campaign.

If the video is engaging and interesting enough for users, they will be interested in becoming part of the company’s virtual community. That can move them from Validated Lead (VL also known as MQL) to Qualified Lead (also known as SQL).

How to deliver a better impact with Video from your SDR

There is a lot more that can go into a video prospecting strategy in a Sales Development Representative scope.

The main goal of video prospecting in a sales development scope is to invoke emotions that drive the audience to take small incremental steps to make a purchase. With that in mind, implementing aspects such as personal targeted messaging through brand storytelling can deliver a better impact.

Using video prospecting might also include recording webinars which can help potential customers have an inside view of your company or products. When executing this, using a screen recorder can go a long way into delivering a better impact. A video screen recorder allows you to use and possibly repurpose the content of the webinar to qualify leads.

RecTrace has all the main features needed for screen recording and targeting through personalized email marketing strategy. This allows sharing snippets of the webinar on social media platforms and email video marketing. Alternatively, using video content with a compelling call to action can help push SQLs to make a purchase. At the same time, brand storytelling and webinars could be aimed at qualifying MQLs to be SQLs by providing more information to potential customers.

Targeting quality leads through Video Analytics and Customer Behavior Data 

Data analysis plays a pivotal role in marketing efforts, which can also apply to SDR work processes.

By having crucial insights about customers, Sales Development Representatives can effectively curate the sales funnel to suit their needs. Video content can help you collect this data using video analytics and customer behavior insights.

Video analytics and data insights can help understand if the majority of users like the type of video content you upload. If so, it will be easier to personalize the video content specifically for the audience you are targeting.

Uploading video content on multiple platforms and understanding user engagement can help target quality leads on the right platform. Other advanced insights that can be collected and used for other SDR efforts include when to post and engage with the audience as well as the devices they use.

Bottom line

Sales Development representatives play a crucial role in designing effective sales funnels that convert leads into customers. By qualifying leads and collecting data analytics, SDRs can help curate marketing efforts to improve sales margins.

Video prospecting is the prime strategy for SDRs to use due to its flexibility and approach as it appeals to a potential customer’s emotions, hence qualifying them as MQLs.

Originally published on January 10th, 2024, updated on May 14th, 2024
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How Video Prospecting Helps SDRs Deliver Qualified Leads?

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