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How Zoom can Help with Coronavirus-related Leave

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80,788 infection cases and 3,158 deaths. Those are the current coronavirus numbers in China alone. In the US, as of March 11, 2020, 1000 cases of infection and a death toll of 29 have been reported. And what about the global statistics? 121,238 cases of infection and 4,378 deaths. 

COVID-19 is spreading fast, and it’s already in 120 countries. With a death rate of slightly above 2 percent, health departments the world over are steadfast in their branding COVID-19 as a global pandemic.

I know what you are thinking: 2 is too small a number.
But it’s not.

Let me give you some perspective. If 10 million people got infected, more than 200,000 people would die. Not a small number, right? That is why millions of employees and executives are now working remotely.

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In a bid to control the coronavirus outbreak, governments are continuously encouraging quarantine actions to be taken.  Italy has been put on complete lockdown by their government. Why the whole country, you ask? They have 10,149 cases of infection and 631 deaths. And as a result, an alarm is spreading to other countries all over the world. 

The Washington State governor, for instance, prepared a special COVID-19 message that outlines the state and impact of the disease. Such actions provide evidence that public health has become a matter of global urgency. And the disease has not left the economy unscathed. With the modern workspace being defined by coworking spaces,  employees are as likely to catch the virus at the office as they are at the mall, coffee shop or airport…Significant number of companies find themselves forced to take extreme measures to comply with  centers for disease control’s guidelines.

“Small and big businesses are losing resources and customers, workers are being forced to stay home, and the international market is headed towards a standstill. But amid the millions of quarantined employers and workers, video conferencing is gaining momentum.”


It is not uncommon to find companies that benefit from a pandemic. For instance, the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak of 2002 contributed significantly to the internet boost in China. 

This happened because many people were staying at home and shopping online. As a result, e-commerce companies like Alibaba grew at the height of the outbreak. Today, giant companies like Clorox, Netflix, and Campbell are benefiting from the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 disease.


Working-remotely is suddenly all the rage

Let’s break it down. Coronavirus is born, it has no cure, and it is highly infectious. Its massive and quick spread causes businesses to shut down. Airports, offices, hotels; these businesses are all losing more and more customers.

More people decide to stay at home to avoid infection. As mentioned above, some states and countries have begun requiring employers to close shop and have their workforce work remotely.

But these employers need to make money for their investors.

The solution: work from home.

The internet, in the form of video conferencing, makes enables workers to work remotely.

Big companies like Google recognize this, so they start offering their video conferencing services for free. While this is a charitable act, it is also an opportunity for large businesses. Now, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco are offering Hangouts, Teams, and WebEx, respectively, for free. 

The three are video conferencing platforms that help workers to communicate in real-time with their fellow workers and employers. And as more businesses realize they need such platforms, Zoom remains to be a significant rival to the three giants.

Zoom Video Communications offers remote conferencing services through cloud computing. The software used by the company combines video conferencing, chat, online meetings, and mobile collaboration for business communication.

Zoom expects more companies to start using their platform. They have already reported strong earnings since the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, the Zoom Dow Jones performance is expected to rise, and with good reason.  

In this regard, at least seven Wall Street analysts have raised their price targets by more than twenty percent above current levels on the Zoom stock. It is clear that the coronavirus is providing zoom with an opportunity to market their product.

Considering long term benefits, Zoom is currently offering business operations in China unlimited free conferencing. Many companies are bound to test drive this service for their business. The platform will also definitely see an increase in users from other countries. 

As a result, Zoom is working towards expanding its capacity so that it can accommodate the increasing demands of its paying and free users. But, the more businesses continue to realize that remote teams working in requires a tool like Zoom, the more difficult it will be for the platform to accommodate users.

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Get more out of Zoom by integrating with Cincopa

Remember, Zoom uses cloud computing to offer its services. If too many businesses seek Zoom services, the company will experience a storage limitation crisis. Considering coronavirus is not giving the world a break, this outcome is almost inevitable.

‘Even small businesses are at risk of exhausting their Zoom storage sooner than is expected. Because companies need Zoom more than ever, Cincopa has presented a comprehensive and scalable solution for all Zoom users.’

How? Well, once you integrate Zoom with Cincopa, any Zoom video will be updated to the Cincopa platform automatically. The video is then stored indefinitely on the Cincopa platform. You will also have the control of determining who can view specific recordings through its password feature. 

All you have to do is create an account with Cincopa, authorize the platform to connect with Zoom, and visit the Zoom login page to start your recordings. Of course, you should already have a Zoom account. 

And that’s not all. Cincopa’s Zoom integration feature will allow you to optimize your regular Zoom video communications into engaging and high-quality group messaging tools. Forget about simple screen sharing; Cincopa has features that will enable you to add closed captioning, annotations, and chapters to your videos. 

Besides, as a project manager, you can tell how your team members are engaging with the video recordings. This is because of the extensive analytics feature offered by Cincopa.

So, why are these Cincopa features essential for your business?

They provide you with untapped potential. For example, with Cincopa, you no longer have to worry about your foreign board member missing a vital meeting as a result of language barrier. The closed caption feature will let you add essential captions to your video in any language. 

Moreover, a worker that missed a long and tedious meeting will not have to go through the full video recording to derive valuable information. The chapters feature allows a video to be categorized into chapters.

Therefore, a viewer will move to the topic that fits their job description.

The best part of Cincopa: you get to search words or topics within your video. How cool is that! The in-video search feature is truly an invaluable piece to your Cincopa Zoom integration video conferencing needs.

So what are you waiting for? Join Cincopa today and enjoy these and many more benefits.

Don’t let COVID-19 affect your bank account balance. Besides, you get a free trial period. The Cincopa Zoom integration is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Originally published on March 11th, 2020, updated on March 26th, 2020
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How Zoom can Help with Coronavirus-related Leave

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