Is Video Marketing Helpful in Generating Leads?

Video is a profitable and versatile digital marketing tool with a good return on investment. But is it helpful in generating good leads?

Video Marketing helps in Generating Qualified Leads by capturing attention through high quality video production

Some consumers remain skeptical about online purchases. However, effective marketing videos can inspire trust and yield long-term results. They create brand awareness, foster personal connections with customers, and generate organic leads.

To achieve video content that aligns with your marketing objectives, you require a strong video marketing strategy. 

Define your video marketing goals

How to set marketing goals for your videos

Successful video marketing necessitates clear goals as they enable you to measure success. Are you aiming to attract views or foster audience engagement? Do you seek a broad audience or specific communication? Is viewer loyalty your primary objective? 

Revenue-based goals focus on factors such as increasing lead form inquiries. Brand goals will involve factors like driving more blog traffic. Both of these types of goals are equally important in your overall video marketing strategy.

Research your target audience 

Research and conduct an analysis on your audience

To be successful with your online video marketing, you need to decide who you want to watch your videos. Researching your target audience is all about learning their pain points, finding out their preferences and what they need. This can help you with your video production and creating content that connects with them.

The more specific your target audience, especially when utilizing a proficient video editor, the more likely you are to create engaging videos. the more likely you are to create engaging videos. This is why it helps to create buyer personas. These personas include details such as what kind of content they prefer to consume, how they like to learn etc., which helps with video content marketing.

Tailor a message for them

When figuring out what types of videos you need to make, remember that your audience will need different types of video content marketing at various stages of the buyer’s journey. If you understand the buyer’s journey, you can identify what videos are suited to each stage.

Create different messages for video marketing. Example of three videos

For instance, a video that introduces consumers to your company will be very different from one that impresses them when they’re in consideration mode. There are many different types of videos, such as explainer videos and behind-the-scenes videos, which all serve a different purpose.

Tools that enhance your Video Marketing Strategy

To enhance your video marketing strategy, you need to make use of the right tools.

1. Lead Generation Form

A lead generation form is a useful video marketing tool as it captures information from potential customers. Contact forms and email signup forms are both types of lead generation forms.

You can personalize contact forms with different fields to collect information from leads and use a video platform where you can gate some of your best content, so customers have to give their content information to gain access.

2. Video Analytics and Viewer Engagement Data

Tracking and analyzing your video marketing results will maximize your efforts. A/B testing is one of the ways you can test which elements are working and which aren’t. Different analytics you can use to measure success include engagement rate, view count, play rate, social sharing and comments.

If your videos are getting lots of engagement, shares and comments, it means they’re resonating with your target audience.

3. In-Video Forms

In-video forms are another useful marketing tool, and where you will use them in a video will depend on the content of the video, where it lives on your website and its goals. 

4. End-Screen CTA (Call to Action) and video landing page

It is essential to include a specific call to action to tell viewers what you want them to do after viewing your video. Without a CTA, most of them will leave your video without taking any further action, even if they did gain value from it.

If viewers have watched your video to the end, this indicates a clear interest, and your CTA can direct them to another piece of content or related video landing page, get them to subscribe to a newsletter or connect on other social media channels.

5. Annotation and Branding

When you’re consistent with digital branding and annotation, it makes it easier for people to recognize your videos. Various branding elements like a simple brand logo in the same corner of each video can help to achieve this.

Branding can instill a sense of professionalism that helps to build consumer trust over time.

6. Email Video Embedding Increases CTR 

Emails with video embedding see four times the click through rate compared to those without it. Video email marketing is, therefore, an extremely effective way to generate leads.

7. Video SEO to increase your website traffic and increase engagement

In order to watch videos, people have to find them first, and this is the purpose of video SEO. 

Video SEO is one of the most important tools to increase your website ranking on Google. Rather than posting plain text, videos enhance user experience and reduce bounce rates.

Video hosting solutions provide specific video SEO tools like meta tags and descriptions, which are critical for your website SEO success. Closed captioning, subtitles and interactive CTA forms also increase the performance of your website through video SEO, hence, indicating to Google that the website is building an engaging community of users on their platform.

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are numerous benefits of video marketing. Videos can help you to rank higher in search and increase traffic to your website. They can engage potential customers, influence their buying decisions and bump up your conversions. Videos are also a great addition to your email campaigns. 

Using a video hosting platform that offers powerful integration, automation and video SEO tools can streamline your video marketing and increase its effectiveness. You can utilize your usual email marketing platforms (e.g., HubSpot, Mailchimp, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot) and automatically integrate and synchronize contact form submissions when you use Cincopa as the video hosting platform. 

When you have a video marketing strategy, people get to see the people behind the company they’re interacting with. Doing it right means viewers have the opportunity to get to know you and your business in ways that other forms of content marketing can’t compete with because it more closely simulates a face-to-face interaction.


If you want to generate leads, you can’t afford not to have a video marketing strategy. Your strategy will help you to define your goals, reach the right target market and use the right tools and platforms to maximize the benefits and achieve success.

Cincopa is a fully-featured video hosting solution that gives digital marketers the tools they need to generate qualified leads through their video marketing strategy. Start embedding video content through our powerful, secure DAM solution, and analyze visitor engagement to improve your content marketing campaign over time.

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Originally published on August 15th, 2023, updated on February 14th, 2024
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Is Video Marketing Helpful in Generating Leads?

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