Quick Tips for Boosting Your Video Engagement on Social Media

As mobile consumption increases, marketers and content creators need to develop video content marketing strategies designed to engage viewers across social media platforms. Video content is very important in social media marketing as it offers more engagement than text or images. The struggle for attention on social media platforms is huge. Algorithms on social media platforms increase the chances of a video being promoted to a larger audience for each minute a viewer watches a video. 

Cincopa video hosting platform enhances your social media success with video customization options, video sharing, and video analytics. Reading Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing in 2024 on Cincopa will show you how to stay relevant in your industry by creating engaging and interactive video content. Here are some quick tips to help you boost video engagement on social media.

Optimize video for each platform 

When you want to use marketing videos on different social media platforms you need to optimize them for each platform. Certain video lengths, formats, and types of content work best on different platforms. Knowing what works best can increase your engagement and reach. 

Customize video length, content and format

  • On TikTok, videos of 7-30 seconds are ideal. There’s a sweet spot at about 15 seconds. Short-form video formats like Reels, work well on platforms like TikTok because they are bite-sized and punchy. 
  • On Instagram, videos are usually between 15-30 seconds in length. Using hashtags, stories, and reels will showcase your creativity on Instagram
  • On Facebook, videos should be about 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes for standard posts and 10+ for live streaming. Funny videos and personal stories receive high engagement on this platform. 
  • On LinkedIn, videos should be about 30 seconds to a minute. It’s a good platform for educational and professional videos. 
  • Two minutes is a good length for YouTube videos, and in-depth content can be longer. On YouTube using keywords, playlists, and end screens can boost visibility.
  • In 2024, most social media consumption happens on mobile devices. Vertical videos occupy more of the screen so they offer a more immersive viewing experience.  

Create compelling thumbnails and titles

What viewers see first is your video thumbnails and titles. They must be eye-catching enough to increase click-through rates. Potential viewers should get a good idea from them of what to expect in the video. If you can put the whole idea of the video in a few words, viewers will instantly grasp what the video has to offer. 

  • The design, colors, and fonts of your thumbnails should align with your brand image.
  • Using contrasting colors will make the title easier to read. 
  • A relevant and quality image will grab attention. 
  • An image of a face helps to build a stronger connection with a viewer. 

Your titles should include keywords to improve video SEO. This can help a video rank on search engines and drive more video traffic. 

Hook your audience early

The best videos start with a strong hook. Ways to hook viewers include:

  • Ask a compelling question.
  • Make a provocative statement.
  • Offer a surprising fact. 
  • Show a captivating visual.
  • Use humor.
  • Add movement. 

Encourage viewer interaction

When viewers actively interact with your videos, they are more engaged. There are various different ways to encourage viewer interaction. Captivating storytelling and high-quality visuals can help you to create engaging social media videos. It’s important to measure engagement by using video marketing statistics. This allows you to see if your strategies are working or not. 

Calls-to-action and other interactive elements

  • Clickable elements such as CTA’s give the viewer further actions to take after finishing a video. They can download an ebook, watch another video, make a purchase, etc. 
  • Lead generation forms help you to capture leads from viewers who want to learn more about your products or services. 
  • Annotations add clickable links, messages, and highlights at key points throughout a video to increase viewer engagement. 
  • Subtitles make your videos accessible to a wider audience base and help with video SEO. Viewers who are hard of hearing can watch subtitles and viewers can view videos in public places without sound. 
  • Quizzes and polls increase viewer engagement and give you customer feedback that can help you improve your video marketing. 

Live streaming of events such as Q&A sessions or product launches enables real-time interaction with viewers and creates a sense of immediacy and intimacy. 

When using the Cincopa video hosting platform, you can make use of various video marketing tools. You can customize a video player by using your brand logo, colors, and fonts. Adding on-video features such as CTA’s, annotations, lead generation forms, and subtitles makes your videos more interactive. You can live stream virtual events and save them to your video library to use as video on demand (VOD). You also have access to video analytics that can help you assess your video marketing strategy and make improvements based on data-driven decisions. 


The above tips can help you to increase your video engagement on social media. Social media video is indispensable for businesses and content creators who want to engage audiences and drive results. Compelling video content that resonates with audiences delivers a measurable impact. Keeping abreast of emerging trends and adapting your video marketing strategies accordingly can help you stay ahead of the curve.  

Originally published on April 12th, 2024
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Quick Tips for Boosting Your Video Engagement on Social Media

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