Brand Videos Every Business Needs  

Brand Videos Every Business Needs 

Videos are more effective and memorable than other forms of media. This is why they have become indispensable to businesses of all kinds. When creating different brand video types, the idea is to make a connection with viewers. This helps to create trust in your brand.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is one of the video types that are short, engaging and informative. They often communicate how a product or service works in simple language to a target audience. You can use them on your business website or upload them to social media platforms. The most common explainer videos are:

  • Live-action videos
  • Animated videos
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Screencast videos

Live-action explainer videos work well for selling physical products. Animated videos are great for simplifying complex concepts and selling less tangible products or services such as software. A whiteboard explainer video shows viewers static images being drawn and a combination of audio, visuals, and movement attract attention. A screen cast video allows viewers to see the screen of a user implementing a product or service.

Grammarly has explainer videos down to a fine art. One of its most successful examples explains how the service works through exchanges between an employer and his boss. He wants his boss to like him but doesn’t want to sound unsure of himself. The exchanges are both awkward and amusing. The video uses relatable, real-life scenarios to emphasize the benefits of using the AI-powered tool. 

Promotional videos

Creative, well-produced promotional marketing videos can create great brand awareness and allow you to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. The intention is to create an aspiration rather than directly sell to viewers. This type of marketing video can celebrate a brand’s achievements and show why people love its products or services.

Well-known German brand, AEG has an amazing live-action promotional video. It uses carefully selected locations to provide dynamic settings for its electrical tools. The products appear in realistic scenarios, creating a personal connection with the target audience. Kinetic typography gives viewers more information about key features without being intrusive. Even the music track contributes to the atmospheric video.

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” campaign was both inspiring and creative. Watching the video makes you feel connected to the brand and its achievements. By the end of it you really believe that you can do amazing things together with the Nike brand.

Brand story videos

Brand story videos help an audience get to know and trust a company. They create an emotional link with a brand. Every brand has a story and storytelling visuals can convey it in a memorable way. The stories are usually relatable and viewing a touching brand story tends to stick in the mind of viewers. A brand story can reflect a brand’s mission, values, and goals so it’s a useful tool for building relationships.

The ‘buy a thing sell a thing’ video by eBay is a mini-musical that documents how products move from one person to another on the platform. The characters don’t speak but every scene tells the viewer enough about them to carry the story forward. The last shot is of a young girl wearing an oversized top and holding a doll, both from eBay. The visuals and track were designed to emphasize the joy of the eBay experience.

Case study videos

Case studies videos help to build trust and communicate the value of products and services in specific use cases. They humanize a business, and help viewers to understand how products and services solve real-world problems. Successful case study videos focus on benefits rather than features and use stats to back up a customer’s story. They can be very persuasive, engaging, and emotional. A target audience would prefer to watch a video case study than read it in text form. They are easy to use across all channels, including social media and email campaigns.

Freshbooks has a great case study video featuring Sarah, a business owner who uses the software. She explains all the benefits she gets from using it such as time savings of 12 hours a week, being able to use the app on her mobile phone, and always knowing who owes her money.

Creative and fun campaigns

Warby Parker, a renowned eyewear brand, had a creative and fun campaign where they produced a video of employees saying their least favorite words. We can all relate to some of the words they come up with. This humorous but simple concept made the brand more relatable and employees came across as friendly and funny. has a great video strategy and comes up with some creative and entertaining videos. In one of its videos that racked up millions of views it veers away from the conventional handsome man shaving his face. The CEO, Michael Dubin, asks whether the blades are any good and keeps entertaining viewers through some absurd scenes like a toddler shaving a man’s head. 

Cincopa video hosting platform

Cincopa is a powerhouse video hosting company that will help you take your video content strategy to the next level. Its extensive video hosting capabilities allow you to host, manage, and share video content with ease.

The range of on-video features Cincopa has to offer will help you to generate more leads from your videos. You can use calls-to-action and contact forms to get viewers to take action. Annotations, subtitles, and transcriptions help you to engage viewers and broaden your viewer base.  

You can customize your video player with your logo, brand colors and fonts so it aligns with your brand image. Embed videos on your website and on social media platforms without any difficulty.

Cincopa also offers great security features and advanced analytics. You can assess the performance of your videos and use in-depth insights to make them even more compelling.


No brand should be without brand videos. They provide the perfect way to connect with your audience and build brand awareness. Your brand videos should make consumers want to buy your products or services. Get started with the video hosting platform that does everything from uploading, publishing, analyzing and everything in between!

Originally published on April 12th, 2024, updated on April 17th, 2024
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Brand Videos Every Business Needs  

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