Switchee boosted conversions
with Cincopa video analytics


An IOT startup based in London, Switchee produces thermostats and dashboard analytics to social housing providers.

The company’s marketing strategy revolves primarily around educating their target audience regarding the need for housing management data.

Switchee first came to Cincopa hoping for a video-centric solution through which they could supercharge their education initiatives.

Switchee's thermostat

The challenge

Switchee found it difficult to convert prospects into paying customers.
Despite operating in an environment with few competitors, the company’s long buying cycle often derails the conversion process. Even highly-interested prospects found themselves unable to reach the finish line.

Thumbnail of Switchee Instruction Video

Cincopa enables leveraging video throughout the buyer’s journey

It was clear from the get go that buyer’s cycle needed to be shortened. Prospects needed to be presented with educational content faster, so that Switchee could get to what truly matters- presenting its solution.

With Cincopa, Switchee built a 3-tier video strategy:

  1. Explainer videos for Swithchee’s system elements. These include tutorials to target audiences inside a social housing provider.
  2. Video case studies that demonstrate company credibility and increase current client visibility.
  3. Onboarding and miscellaneous lead-gen videos

The next step was integrating Switchee with HubSpot, using Cincopa for HubSpot. The fully-integrated app provides Switchee with a wide array of in-depth metrics and analysis for each of their videos. A HubSpot workflow was structured with video-related metrics acting as a deciding factor in lead conversion.

According to the video a prospect watches, and the way he or she viewed it (e.g. did he complete more than half of it? Did she rewatch the video later?) he or she would then be pushed toward SQL status.

Switchee is in the last stages of triggering automated email campaigns based off predefined video viewing metrics, made available by Cincopa for HubSpot.

“Cincopa’s integrated platform helped us flag highly engaged prospects and offer qualified, warm leads a demo at exactly the right time,
increasing our deal-to-win by 30%.“

Alex Brodholt
Chief marketing officer