Top 4 Webinar Platforms to Create and Distribute Your Webinars : CincoTube as a Bonus

Webinars are increasingly becoming one of the best video channels to engage the target audience. Research shows that 46% of marketers still use webinars for their marketing campaigns.

source : Wyzowl 

Many people engage with webinar’s digital assets and learn more about a business product or service. 

To make your webinars successful, you should use the best webinar platforms to run your webinar campaigns. This article will help you learn about those top platforms to use.

Importance of Webinars

Reach many target audiences

Once you create your webinars, you can promote them to many of your target audiences. You can use ways like

  • Send to your email subscribers
  • Create a webinar registration page on your website
  • Share the webinar on social media platforms

Use influencers in your niche to help promote webinars as they have a large following

Through all these digital asset management ways, you can reach many people. Since these people have pain points they need solutions, they can sign up for the webinar and engage with them as you deliver value to them.

Help generate leads for your business

Webinars are a great channel to bring leads to your business. Target customers want brands that can help solve their pain points. When they come across your webinar digital assets and see your value, they will visit your site to learn more about your business.

You can get their information and start nurturing them and showing them more value they can get from your brand. You build trust with them through the nurturing process and even convert them into customers.


Types of webinars to create

  • Product demos webinars. These webinars show target customers how your business products or services work. With these webinars, you will get target customers to see firsthand how your business operates and how they can use it to solve their pain points.
  • Lead generation webinars. You can create marketing content on different buyer journey stages to drive leads to your business. 


Buyer's JouneySource : HubSpot

If the webinars deliver value that target customers love, they will engage more to learn about your business and the solutions it will provide.

  • Onboarding webinars. You can lose your customers if you don’t onboard them well. You can prepare onboarding webinars to ensure your target customers stay loyal and use your business. These will guide them on using the business products or services and getting the best solution to their pains.

Q&A webinars. For these webinars, you choose a topic your target audience wants to learn more about related to your business. You can get experts to help with answering questions from attendees. It will be easy to attract leads to your business when they see your expertise related to their challenges.

Webinar Platforms

  • WebinarJam. As you host a webinar on this platform, you can record it and send it to those who didn’t view it. The tool has excellent features, and you can have 5000 attendees to the webinar and up to 6 hosts as you run your live webinar.
  • GoToWebinar. It has excellent recording and integrates with other tools as you run your webinars. It also has excellent analytics tools to help deliver the best webinars. 
  • ClickMeeting. The tool has features you can use for webinar centralization as you run them and integrate them with other apps. You can link to social media sites, analytics tools, or CRM tools to track your performance. You can also run and live stream your webinars to Facebook and Youtube with Q&A chats for attendees.
  • WebinarNinja. You can record your webinars, share them with the target audience, and measure their performance with analytics tools. You can customize the webinar in different languages and engage more target customers.


Webinar Distribution Platforms

CincoTube. You can use this videotube platform to host your webinar and distribute them to your target audience. You can do some things from your cincotube account once you create it, as you can see below.CinSource : CincoTube 

You can host live streams for your webinars and reach more target customers from this video tube platform. The platform has the best centralization for the best tools you need to create your webinars and host live videos. See more on what you can do on Cincotube with your digital assets.

  • Social sites. You can reach your audience through social sites. You can post links to your webinar on social sites where the target audiences hang out. Give a brief description of your webinars and let the audience know what they will get from the webinar to solve their challenges. You can also work with influencers in your niche to help promote it to their followers.
  • Send to email subscribers. You can send links to your webinars to your email list. Ensure you personalize the email and make it easy to read. Don’t forget to add a takeaway the subscribers will get from the webinar. Use attractive and captivating CTA to make them take action and sign up for the webinar.


The best webinar platform will help smooth webinar sessions and engage your brand’s target audience. The above are some of the best webinar platforms for your webinar sessions.

Check out the CincoTube site and see the videotube fantastic features you can run to create and run successful campaigns for your brand, drive leads, and increase conversions.

Originally published on January 16th, 2023
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Top 4 Webinar Platforms to Create and Distribute Your Webinars : CincoTube as a Bonus

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