YouTube ‘3 strikes’ Community Guideline – What is it?

YouTube as an enterprise video hosting platform lacks video security and internal communication features

Community guidelines tell you how to behave on YouTube. They help to keep it fun and enjoyable for everyone across the world that watches videos.

If your content violates the YouTube community guidelines, you will get a warning. The next time you violate them, your video channel will get a strike against it. Each strike only expires 90 days after it is issued.

You can appeal a strike if you feel it is unjustified. When you reach three strikes, YouTube permanently removes your channel.

YouTube Community Guideline 3 strikes basics

YouTube relies on smart detection technology and user flagging to flag content for reviewers. When you get a strike, you are informed via email. It will tell you what content was removed and why it violated the community guidelines.

The first violation is a warning without any penalties, but it remains on your channel. If you violate the guidelines again after getting a warning, you will get a strike. For a week, you won’t be able to upload any new content.

If you receive a second strike before the first strike has expired, you won’t be able to upload content for two weeks.

If you receive a third strike before the other strikes expire, YouTube will permanently remove your account. You have seven days before your channel is disabled.

Your channel stays live, and you can access it to try and resolve your strikes.

YouTube ‘3 strikes’ Restriction – What is it? What happens when you get a strike?

YouTube First strike 

When you get a strike, you can’t do the following for a week:

  • Upload videos, stories or live streams
  • Schedule a video to become public
  • Create custom thumbnails, community posts or a premiere
  • Add a trailer to a live stream or upcoming premiere
  • Create and edit playlists or add collaborators 
  • Add or remove playlists from the watch page

At the end of the week, your full privileges are restored automatically. However, the strike remains on your channel for 90 days.

YouTube Second strike

If you get a second strike within the 90 day period, you can’t post content for two weeks. If there aren’t any issues, your full privileges are restored automatically after two weeks.

Each strike still remains on your channel for 90 days. 

YouTube Third strike

Three strikes within a 90 day period, and your channel is permanently removed. Deleting content does not remove a strike.

YouTube Content Restrictions – content you can’t post on YouTube

The following content violates YouTube community guidelines and will result in a warning the first time you violate them, and thereafter your channel will get strikes.

Spam and deceptive practices: YouTube community policy is built on trust. This is why any content designed to defraud, mislead or scam other users isn’t allowed. 

Sensitive content: YouTube wants to protect creators and viewers, particularly minors.

For this reason, it has nudity and sexual content policies, a thumbnail policy, a child safety policy, and a suicide and self-harm policy. 

Violent or dangerous content: Malicious attacks, graphic violence, hate speech and any content that promotes dangerous or harmful behavior isn’t allowed on YouTube.

This includes cyberbullying and predatory behavior. 

Regulated goods: You are prohibited from selling certain goods on YouTube, such as firearms and illegal goods. 

Misinformation: Certain types of misleading content aren’t allowed on YouTube. This includes types of information that can cause harm in the real world, such as content that interferes with the democratic process or promotes harmful treatments or remedies.

For example, YouTube has election misinformation policies, COVID-19 misinformation policies and vaccine misinformation policies.

YouTube restricted content mode: YouTube has an optional setting called ‘restricted mode’ that blocks some content from being shown.

This may be set up on family computers to prevent minors from watching content that is unsuitable for them. 

Create your own video channel with CincoTube by Cincopa – No restrictions as long as the content is legal

YouTube is a hugely competitive environment and has thousands of viewers. It can help you to reach a wide audience with your videos.

The problem is that your videos have to compete with so many others, and viewers are constantly distracted by other recommended content and unwanted ads. 

It is possible to create your own video portal for your website, which means you don’t have to rely on Youtube to host all your videos. Cincopa, a private video hosting platform, offers a reliable solution for e-commerce,online courses and business purposes.

It allows you to create your own Videotube in minutes with a setup wizard to guide you through the process. You can select from various video portal templates to create a professional-looking, user-friendly video gallery. You can pick the videos you want to showcase and create categories for them.

Customization options for videos

Why not showcase your videos in an environment that you can customize to suit your brand? Cincopa allows you to customize your video portal in the following ways.

  • Create a header cover and add a custom thumbnail. 
  • Customize the colors and text to reflect the branding and style of your company
  • Add your company logo to the video player, and you can make it clickable to lead to an URL of your choice. 
  • Add a video watermark to protect your video content from being stolen. 
  • Use a pop-up feature that allows you to choose how you want a viewer to see the video channel. 

More video control

Using Cincopa gives you the benefit of more control over your video content. You can decide who sees your videos and create any type of content as long as it is legal.

You can make videos that are easily searchable for your users with features like annotations and tags. 

Video SEO benefits

If you want to reap SEO benefits for your brand, you need to embed your videos on your own website. Cincopa uses an SEO-friendly embed code standard, JSON-LD, so search engines can rank your video content and drive visitors to your website.

Easy video management

When you have your own video channel, you can manage all your videos from one platform.

You can deliver them across any screen, device, platform or browser. You can also choose to deliver them privately or publicly. 

An essential marketing tool for videos

With a video portal, you can keep your audience watching the content you supply. This frees them from unwanted distractions and ads present on YouTube.

The video portal has share and related video features to direct traffic to your media outlets and video content. You can gate your content and collect leads with a call-to-action or an email collector.

Video Integration

Cincopa natively integrates with email marketing, sales and marketing automation platforms such as Mailchimp and Salesforce.

Advanced video analytics

The use of advanced analytics makes it easy to understand how each video performs on a user or audience level. Video heatmaps show the extent to which a video engages users.


Violating YouTube restrictions can result in three strikes and the removal of your channel. If you have your own Videotube, this won’t happen to you.

You have control over your video assets, and there are no restrictions as long as your content is legal. When you have your own video channel, it can significantly impact your ability to educate prospects, inform viewers, and capture new leads.

Contact us about creating your own VideoTube.

Originally published on March 30th, 2022
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YouTube ‘3 strikes’ Community Guideline – What is it?

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