Why Use Video for Internal Communication?

Internal Communication is essential in every workplace. It fosters close-knit relationships and is the ultimate recipe for understanding which leads to the results that an organization desires.

If you’re struggling to sustain communication within your team, then the traditional methods aren’t doing enough. 

You can take the detour for improved results when you use video for internal communication and see how effective it is. This is in no way downplaying the relevance of emails. They are the evergreen older siblings to the present communication means and they’ll never dissipate into irrelevance.

Video conference and internal communication video are more effective than emails

However, videos are the rave of the moment since the world got more visuals than ever, thanks to digital technological advancements. 

Internal Communication videos are now more effective than emails can ever be and it’s a bandwagon you don’t want to miss.

Now that we’ve laid that background, let’s delve deeper.

Internal Communication Videos – Why They Matter

Organizations who toe the path of internal communication videos can reap bounty benefits from the system and lay a foundation for uninhibited and effective communication between management and staff in the future.

Videos communicate and inform better, but that’s not even the highlight. Videos stick to memory better than any other media of communication. The brain retains visual information far better than any other information that it receives.

Since regular emails are too common, internal communication videos are a healthy detour from the norm. Internal communication can be facilitated with videos and streamline workplace productivity since information is paramount for growth. 

Internal Communication vs. Corporate Communication – The Basic Difference

Corporate communication with video channels communicates a message better for employees

Internal communication and corporate communication aren’t dissimilar by a wide margin. They share a lot in common and the basic difference between them is just that; corporate communication is broad.

It involves external and internal communication in an organization targeted at boosting communication between stakeholders, employees, the media, partners, government agencies, and the general public. 

However, internal communication is localized within the organization and involves the dispensing of information from management or heads of departments to employees and subordinates.

Technically, internal communication is just an arm of corporate communication. 

7 Benefits of Internal Communications Video for Employees.

1. Video Communicates Better

Internal communication within an organization is facilitated with the use of videos which makes the interaction livelier, understandable, and more engaging. Furthermore, information communicated via videos is more likely to be retained by recipients better than regular written information.

The effect of visuals on the brain is more powerful than written information and only pictures come close to that effect.

A reputed video platform; Pop Video flaunts the fact that 90% of information that is conveyed to the brain via visuals and pictures is processed up to 60, 000 times better than text. 

2. Videos are More Preferred

The reason is not far-fetched and more reasonable if your workforce is saturated with young people. Videos are also shorter and you know how boring it can be to read numerous blocks of text which can be summarized in a video.

Most organizations these days have their workforce filled with young people who are particularly interested in videos.

To enhance effortless communication within your team or organization, internal communication videos should be deployed that your employees will certainly love and relate to it better. 

3. Videos are Better at Updating Employees with Company News 

Information will perpetually be in circulation within a team or organization so long as the business or the project lives on. Employees can get inundated with this flood of information and pretty much get bored with them even if they have no choice.

An average employee receives up to 120 emails daily and that can be overwhelming. 

You can make the information dispensing and reception fun, less stressful, and more interesting with videos that you can create from the comfort of your office.

These internal communication videos can be created to update employees on trends and the latest developments within the organization. 

4. Information Can Be Received and Understood On-The-Go

Now the great thing about internal communication videos is that they can be viewed on the go, during a break, during non-office hours, and just about any time.

This is because they are short, straight to the point, interesting, and communicate better than long texts.

Sometimes when an email is sent, an employee will prefer to settle down before consuming the content because it’s going to be bulky and will require rapt attention to detail.

However, videos are convenient to watch and are interesting which makes them easier to watch to on-the-go without any feet dragging. Hence information is received faster and the response rate is increased. 

5. Employee Onboarding is Seamless with Internal Communications Video

While internal communication between management and staff is streamlined with internal communications video, it can also come in handy when onboarding new employees. As newbies, employees are faced with the arduous task of integrating themselves and getting acquainted with the ropes.

Mastering names, faces, terms, and processes, is a whole lot to take in. However, internal communication videos can save time and effort that would have been deployed in the traditional onboarding process.

Videos will make the most complex concepts simpler, faces will introduce themselves, their names which will stick better to memory, videos can be replayed anytime, and onboarding has never been this easy.  

6. Videos Save Time and Money 

Think about all the time that would have been spent onboarding new employees seasonally.

Money is also involved with regular meetings within an organization for internal communication as well as the onboarding process. Materials will be printed, refreshments can come in, and a few resources will be spent. 

But all of these can be minimized with the use of videos where you can only create a couple and archive for onboarding new clients. If there’s any need for changes the videos can be edited and tailored to suit the new changes.

Internal communications video can replace some brief meetings. In the end, time is reduced, money is saved, and productivity is fast-tracked.  

7. Internal Communications Video Educate Employees Effectively 

From time to time, employees will need to be educated on certain best practices within their field. It’s not worth setting up a workshop since it’s very brief but it can also take time to educate them all.

Internal corporate video can speed up the process with one video sent to many employees rather than assembling them or doing the process one after the other.

From how-tos to informational videos, it’s incredibly faster and easier for employees to get a hang of the information. Better yet, videos can be replayed for easy understanding. 

Video Channel for Internal Communication – the Enterprise VideoTube

Create you own videotube to imporve organization revenue and video response

When it’s time to deploy internal communications video into your organization’s communication arsenal, a seamless and effective video tool like the Cinopa Enterprise VideoTube can do all the magic.

It’s just like YouTube but uniquely designed with organizations in mind and tailored to suit their business needs. The platform allows business organizations to effortlessly create white-label channels for internal communications.

It also gives them total control of what to upload, and helps them organize, share, save, and monitor content when fully hosted. It’s super effective for corporate communication and can completely overhaul the internal communication process within an organization. 


Videos are getting more engagements these days than emails, notes, memos, letters, and every other channel of information. The case is peculiar for organizations that want to boost engagement in their corporate communication system.

Internal corporate videos are more engaging, interesting, and seamless to understand.

Consequently, an effective YouTube-like platform reserved for businesses like the Cinopa Enterprise VideoTube can make all the difference in internal communications. 

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Originally published on March 31st, 2022, updated on February 9th, 2023
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Why Use Video for Internal Communication?

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