YouTube vs VideoTube – Why personal VideoTube matters in the long run

Organizations need Video Content.

Video Tube is a customizable YouTube like video channel for content publishers and enterprise

Marketing is an important component of any enterprise’s revenue generation strategy. Consumers today prefer a more dynamic display of companies’ services and the companies have to seek marketing strategies that match this preference – this is where video marketing comes in.

A reported 73% of customers buy a product after watching a product video; while 83% of marketers report a positive influence of video marketing on brand awareness. 

Many consumers prefer video marketing to text based marketing and companies can leverage on this to expand their revenue generation. 

YouTube: How it is stopping you from achieving actual growth

YouTube as an enterprise video hosting platform lacks video security and internal communication features

YouTube is the largest video hosting service worldwide.

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown continuously and currently boasts over 2.3 billion active users; while 62% of businesses globally use YouTube to share their video content. 

As an enterprise, you would be tempted to put your videos on YouTube.

But first, you need to ask yourself “is YouTube truly helping my business?”

Here are two reasons why YouTube isn’t the best video platform for your company’s video content:

1. YouTube is a Business Too

YouTube’s primary motive is to generate revenue through adverts. In 2020 alone, the platform generated over $19.7b in revenue via ads, a 30.4% increase from 2019.

With many brands advertising through YouTube, viewers are usually subjected to multiple adverts per video. 

When looking to market your brand through video content, persistent exposure of viewers to ads can be distracting and as a result detrimental to your business – viewers may click through to follow up on a particular ad and then abandon your video in the process. 

On the other hand, ads on YouTube may promote a competitor and drive your potential customer to them.

2. YouTube has too much Traffic

YouTube has attained its current worth by amassing large internet traffic.

However, YouTube depends on other sites to drive traffic towards theirs.

How this works is that when you integrate YouTube to your site, YouTube will suggest other videos for a viewer to watch once the video on your site is done playing – this directs the viewer to YouTube.

However, the videos that YouTube suggests are usually based on the viewer’s preferences rather than your own content. Once the viewer clicks the suggested video, they are taken away from your site.

Sometimes, the suggested videos may be from a competitor, and in that case, YouTube has handed your potential client to a competitor.

YouTube vs. Video Tube

Many enterprises share their video content on YouTube to attract potential clients.

For a business, having a YouTube channel can have some advantages, but also disadvantages.

The Pros of YouTube

1. YouTube is Cheaper to have: There are no additional expenses involved in uploading videos or maintaining a YouTube channel.

2. YouTube is viral: Behind Google, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, having 122 million active users daily– your business may be able to tap into this massive traffic.

The Cons of YouTube

1. Limited Scope for Branding: Branded embedded video players on sites can increase brand engagement by 30%. 

YouTube provides limited options when it comes to customizing/branding videos. Videos must possess YouTube’s logo and a link to the channel from which the video was posted.

Videos which match your site’s branding and aesthetics appeal more to visitors than those which don’t.

2. Risk of Video Piracy: YouTube doesn’t offer any basic video security cover to videos. As such, anyone with access to your videos can download and reuse it anyway they like.

Moreover, you can’t password protect videos on YouTube – hence, even if your video is set to private or unlisted, an unauthorized person inadvertently getting access to your video’s URL means they have automatic access to it.

3. Poor Video Analytics and Personal Reporting: YouTube only offers fundamental video analytics & reporting about the audience’s retention rate, demographics, watch time and engagement.

Such basic video analytics data is not sufficient for an enterprise looking to track specific users and convert them to leads. 

Importance of personalized video channels: VideoTube Channel

Build a customizable video tube for your enterprise for a sleek private video channel on your website

The limitations of having a YouTube channel can be circumvented by creating personalized video channels

Private video hosting platforms like Cincopa lets you build personalized video channels to lock prospects to your business.

Personalized video channels are important for many reasons for enterprises and content publishers.

1. Viewers only see your video content on VideoTube

With personalized video channels, viewers are totally locked into your content, which increases their chances of buying from you. 

After watching a first product video, 42% of shoppers express a desire to see more product description videos before making a buying decision.

Distracting video suggestions from YouTube makes this impossible.

Personalized video channels ensure that customers are continually served with content from your brand. 

By repeatedly seeing descriptions about your offerings, you increase the chances the customers make up their mind to buy from you.

2. Personalized videos on video tube let you control ads

Placing ads, which ads to place, where they’re placed and how they’re monetized is 100% your decision on a video.

Apart from the convenience this grants to potential customers visiting your video channel, you can also generate revenue from your content on a scale not possible with YouTube. 

Whereas YouTube keeps 45% of revenue generated through ads, you keep 100% of generated revenues when videos are hosted on your video channel

3. Private Video Channels provide better video analytics, making VideoTube better Lead Generation & Marketing tools than YouTube channels

Studies indicate that customers are 1.8x more likely to buy a product/service after watching a video; whereas, companies can increase customer conversion by 80% by including video on their page.

However, 66% of consumers prefer videos under 60 seconds.

Personalized channels help you understand how your video content is faring in the online space through advanced video analytics.

Unlike YouTube which offers trivial analytics, personalized VideoTube provides you with advanced detailed analytics that help you boost your lead generation through video content.

This video analytics will tell you exactly who is watching what; which set of videos are preferred by specific viewers; where they stop watching your videos. 

Advanced analytics will also filter customer behavior by age and location.

By understanding consumer behavior towards your videos, you’re able to channel video content to suit the preference of each demographic, thereby increasing your conversion rate

Private channels also give you the liberty to embed on-video lead generation forms which you can then use to market directly to customers.

Create Personalized VideoTube with Video Hosting Platform

Create you own videotube to imporve organization revenue and video response

You need a video content Management Software to curate your video content

54% of consumers report that they want to see more videos from their favorite brands; while 45% of them say they want to see more live videos from brands.

To meet up, you need to have an extensive catalogue of video content which can be tough to host and manage using the same servers that hosts your website.

By using a professional grade video cms (content management system), you can easily manage your extensive business related videos and erase the stress involved in creating, storing, organizing and monetizing your content.

Private Video Hosting Platform Provide Reliable Video CMS

Video hosting platforms like Cincopa enable you to create personalized VideoTubes, from which you can deliver curated video content to clients in the highest quality; or even host live streaming events to educate and interact with clients in real time.

VideoTubes help you grow and protect your business

Compared to public platforms, VideoTube offer better value in growing your business through video marketing.

You have full license to brand and customize your video channels

This ensures that your company’s video domain is unique and speaks of you rather than any other brand.

You can also integrate a full range of interactive features such as; like, share, chat and subscribe to your video channel.

This allows viewers to provide feedbacks regarding the content you have provided for them. 

Personalized VideoTube ensure the security of your content

VideoTube provides you a range of video security methods which you can apply to eliminate anticipated threats.

Unlike on public platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., where your video can easily be downloaded and used anyhow by unauthorized parties, private video platforms provide high level video encryption to prevent them being downloaded by third party extensions. 

You can also password protect your content. That way, they can’t be accessed by anyone without the password even if they get the video URL. 

Thus, classified internal video meetings and market research stay secure and you’re rest assured that your company’s top secrets do not fall in the wrong hands.

Adapt your video content through reliable performance reports

To craft videos that your audience expects, you must understand them.

Using a professional video cms equips you with advanced video analytics to help you gain detailed insights into your viewers’ behaviors. 

Individual viewer reports inform you of each viewer’s choices, likes, number of watched videos, length of time spent on watching videos and more importantly the actions viewers take on your videos.

This allows you to make necessary adaptations to your delivered content in order to increase lead generation.

Cincopa is launching a VideoTube Solution for our Enterprise and Content Publisher Clients that want to create their own whitelabel video channels.

Take advantage of the exciting solution and GET MORE FROM YOUR VIDEOS  and scale your business to new heights.

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Originally published on January 18th, 2022, updated on February 17th, 2022
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YouTube vs VideoTube – Why personal VideoTube matters in the long run

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