Cincopa for Constant Contact

Introduce the power of video to your email marketing

Leverage in-email videos to propel your email CTR to the stratosphere.
Track email performance & capitalize on your audience’s video engagement.
All, from within Constant Contact

Connect and start converting leads today!

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
    Connect & authorize Cincopa and Constant Contact to synchronize
  3. Step 3
    Add a form to your galleries, and embed it in your website
  4. Step 4
    Track your contacts' behavior and segment them according to their interests
  5. Step 5
    Track your viewers via Cincopa analytics on your Cincopa account
Video Lead Generation

Use video to up your lead-gen game

Capture information relating to video engagment using Constant Contact forms

Gate your videos with forms and capture viewers when they are most engaged

Once captured, nurture new leads with video

Keep the ball rolling by sending additional, relevant content to contacts based on their interaction with your videos

See to it that video engagement facilitates a lead’s transition into a paying customer

Video Heatmap
Lead Scoring

lead scoring

Keep tabs on the way contacts interact with the videos you send them

Define positive and negative interaction benchmarks and award points to leads according to their engagement behavior

Keep tabs on who’s watching what

With robust analytical features, you’ll see exactly how each of your contacts interacts with the videos you send them:
How much, where and how each video is viewed

Lead Scoring

Supercharge your marketing automation today