Create your web-site with videos, music and photos - and let Cincopa take care of storage, delivering, scalability, uploading, transcoding (video), sharing and more!.

If you are creating a blog site, sharing site, photos/videos album site, corporate site, Cincopa can handle all media aspects especially when you have many users.

What Is Cincopa and How Can It Help Me ?

Cincopa is an Internet platform that enables you to create media-rich web sites and applications by utilizing a cloud-like file system.

Cincopa has an open HTTP REST API (Application Programming Interface) which means that anyone can write their own application to interact (post, share, backup, synchronize, listen, mobilize, upload, view, socialize etc.) with users personal digital media.

Add rich media to your site, service or application!

Get your head into the Clouds!

If you'd like to add rich media content to your existing site - like videos, photos or music - use our API to mesh your application with the Cincopa platform. Cincopa will do the rest - uploading, transcoding, storage and delivery of your content using a professional CDN. and track it too.

For example let say that you want to build an e-commerce site and have a video or slideshow for each one of your products. Using Cincopa API you’ll be able to integrate Cincopa assets reference and your products database. Next step is to customize your products page to display assets referenced to Cincopa with the asset id that you got from your products database. The final result for your customers is one seamless product page with videos or slideshow.

Another example, lets say that you are a Basketball Player Agency using to manage your players. New players will apply to your service and will submit videos of their games directly from your site, the videos will be seamlessly uploaded to Cincopa from your site and a reference will be saved in your “new leads” salesforce table, you will be able to go over those records and watch the games from within your salesforce interface. Once you’ll decide to represent this new player a new record will be added with the reference to all the videos. You’ll also be able to forward those videos directly from within salesforce to potential coaches.

Contact our support for more details.

Make Money by Getting on the Cloud!

This Cloud can cause a downpour of revenue!

There's no cost to get on the Cloud by developing an application. But if it draws people to the Cincopa platform, you can experience enormous profits. Sign up for our affiliate program and we will pay you for every new Cincopa user who registered with Cincopa because of your application. How it works: Once you've finished writing your application, submit it to us for review. Once we approve it, we'll include it in our Cincopa Products and Plugins Directory.

API (Application Programming Interface) Documentation

Review the API documentation.

Setting up an Application

Application management is done through the Developer Application.
To create a new application, click the "Create New App" button in the upper right. You'll be assigned an API key which identifies your application as well as a "secret" which is used to authenticate requests (and as the name implies, should not be shared).

Once you've created your app, it will show up in your applications list.
Use the "Edit App" button to configure it. You'll see there are several configuration options, some of which you'll need to change, depending on the intended functionality of your app.

API Kits

Note: The API kits are provided as-is. They are not maintained or supported by Cincopa and are used at your own risk.

  • Cincopa.NET framework + examples

    Download .Net framework.
    Remember to create a new application and copy the API and Secret keys to web.config

  • CincopaPHP framework + examples

    Download PHP framework.
    Remember to create a new application and copy the API and Secret keys to config.php

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