Cloud-like file system

  • Application - A web-based 3rd-party application that's built on top of an API layer, This type of stack decoupling ensures rapid development which give a huge boost to the Web 2.0 movement.
    The application uses content coming from Cincopa Content Network (CCN) and manipulate its, displays it, shares it, sends it, saves it or distributes it.
    The application can be developed on any platform including dotnet, php, python, java etc.

  • API - The API layer is the top level layer of the CCN and the only interface to a 3rd party applications. The API uses a REST-like interface which is divided into classes of method. Each class is responsible for exposing a set of functionality in the CCN.

  • Persistence - This layer is responsible for storing and deliver files in a fast, scalable and secure manner. Basic storage and delivery is done by the Cincopa proprietary Proxy Storage Server. This group of servers is located in a tier 1 hosting facility which ensures 24/7 availability of the files.

    For an application that demands very high speed and latency support of its content with a world wide coverage - a CDN can be used. Amazon S3 storage service is also supported as well as the ability to add a custom interface to support storage facilities of a specific customer.

  • Transcode - This is the ability of CCN to deliver a transcoded file suitable for the developers need. For example, the "Send Video to your Cell Phone" application would like to send a video to a cell phone that supports only 3gp low bitrate video file format. The transcode layer will transcode the original video file (which can be a huge DIVX file coming from a connected Digital Video Camera) on-demand and will upload only the 3gp low-bitrate file to the Persistence layer to ensure successful delivery to the cell phone.

    Transcoding is done on the Cincopa Agent (client application running on the user's computer - - see lower layer) itself. Only the transcoded file will be uploaded into the CCN saving time and bandwidth to upload the original file. Note that the original file may be uploaded to the CCN if the developer wishes to do so.

    Transcode supports almost any popular video format/codec - including divx, flv, 3gp, avi, mov and mp4 as well as resizing photos and re-sampling music.

  • Cloud File Service - This layer is responsible for delivering content directly from the user's (contributes) computer up to the CCN.
    Every user who uses an application should install a Cincopa Agent on at least one computer. The Cincopa Agent is responsible for reading, transcoding and then uploading files up to the CCN.

    It is also possible to send files from one Cincopa Agent to another, which enables a whole new set of services. It allows the user to perform backups between computers (as opposed to just backing up to the network). In addition, it lets users perform, synchronization services and send files from mobile a device back to their home computer.

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