Promote Your Business with Cincopa’s Branded Video Player

With Cincopa's brandable video player, you can add your own logo to showcase your brand.

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Brand your video with a logo and watermark

Cincopa’s branded video player allows video publishers to display custom logos and watermarks on top of the content. Branding elements are visible to viewers during entire playback. A watermark may be sticked to any corner of the video player, while a logo will be visible in the player controls area. You can make your brand logo or watermark clickable in case you want to direct viewers to a specific web page of your choice. The more often people come across your awesome videos along with neat player branding, the more positively it reflects and builds the image of your business.

Promote your brand with pre-roll and post-roll videos

Pre-roll and post-roll branded videos will look great in your player and promote your business effectively. You can add a 10-15 second-long video highlighting a few noteworthy facts about your company in the beginning or the end of your video. This awesome feature available to Cincopa users allows you to establish a connection between your videos and your brand and present your company in the most customer-friendly manner. In addition, you can choose to hide or activate controls during add playback depending on your goals.

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Add branded video annotations

If you want to interact with your audience and convert more views into leads, video annotations is right what you need. Cincopa provides 5 video annotation types that can be added directly to videos to motivate your viewers: Title annotation, Label annotation, Timeline annotation, Spotlight annotation, and Note annotation. Adding branded video annotations with links allows your viewers to learn more about your business and immediately open a specific landing page by clicking on a link. It’s a great opportunity to attract attention to your brand in a user-friendly way!

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