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Drive your viewers to ACT - buy, sign up, read more or schedule a demo when they are engaged with your video.

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Video CTA is an Essential Marketing Tool

Video call to action is important to empower your content strategy and create an effective marketing funnel on your website as it catches the viewer when he’s fully engaged with your video and most willing to act.

Cincopa let’s you design a fully customizable video CTA, native to your video so you can increase signups, sales and demos and grow your business using video.

Adding CTA to Video Assets

Indevidual CTA for each video can assigned. Create pre-roll or post-roll CTA messages with custom links in a few easy steps.

A pre-roll CTA will be shown before a specific video asset starts playing, a post-roll CTA will be placed after the playback. You can also specify an exact time for a video CTA to show up.

Adding CTA to Video Galleries

Having a mind-blowing video gallery on your website is a sure way to engage your content viewers at the highest level. Our Gallery global CTA generates an overlay video call-to-action button on all the gallery assigned videos.

You can fully adjust the button’s text and design to match your site's design. Choose when to display your video CTA: on video load, after X seconds, on mouse hover, or click.

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Call to Action customization

Our CTA can take multiply shapes and form to match your strategy and vision.
Text, HTML and even an image

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