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Easily upload videos, images, audios, and documents. organize your data, manage users and viewing permissions and share or embed them on any website or platform as media portals, video players, slideshows, podcasts, and more.

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Complete digital asset management solution

Cincopa’s digital asset management system is both effective and easy-to-use for businesses of any scale. It allows to download, store, manage, edit, and share your multimedia assets in a seamless and secure way. You always preserve full access to your content, which means you can upload, edit, copy, backup or delete assets from one dashboard anytime you need. Cincopa enables you to distribute your media through multiple platforms including websites, blogs, apps, social networks, and OTT streaming devices.

Manage all kinds of media assets

Now you can keep all your videos, photos, music, and other media assets in a single place.

Cincopa combines video asset management with supporting multiple media types and formats. No need to switch between different platforms, enjoy the most complete digital asset management system providing reliable hosting, powerful customization tools, simple interface, and fast delivery to your audience.

Attractive media galleries with custom design

Cincopa provides an astonishing variety of templates along with impressive marketing tools using which it’s very easy to organize your digital assets into attractively-looking galleries and showcase your business in a visually attractive way. Cincopa wizard gives you the power to create unique designs for multimedia collections, brand your players, monetize and cross-promote your content, capture leads and turn them into hot prospects.

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SEO on steroids

When you add media assets and galleries to your website, your search rankings start increasing automatically. Due to Cincopa’s embed code based on JSON-LD technology, metadata from asset titles, descriptions, tags, captions and annotations gets dynamically injected into the section of a web page. This helps search engines to index your content at a higher pace and associate it with text. As the result, users become more likely to discover your website in search results by specific keywords.

Robust content delivery network

Using Cincopa for digital asset management and hosting, you’re able to reach your audience with the best streaming quality, no delays or buffering allowed. Our platform uses advanced CDN - servers located in various geographical areas that store multiple copies and automatic backups of your data. This technology ensures fast streaming for both small and large media assets and eliminates the risk of losing your data.

Multi-level protection

There are so many ways Cincopa has to offer for protecting your media assets, such as right-click protection, domain lock, password protection, email gating, branding, and more.

Depending on specific goals and requirements, you can make use of certain options and turn them into your marketing advantage.

Team Work

Create a multi-user account to collaborate with your team — manage files and publish content from one place. Set individual levels of access for different users and delete them when necessary.

Manage multiply client accounts

My Client Center (MCC) is a powerful tool for handling multiple Cincopa accounts. A MCC account allows you to link several existing or new Cincopa accounts so that you can view them in a single location and also could save you time by letting you view and easily manage all of your Cincopa accounts from one

Effective way to promote your business

Digital asset management can be an ideal solution for any business using multimedia content like videos, photos, and podcasts. Any cutting-edge business requires a user-friendly platform to host, manage, and analyze media in order to be effective in content marketing. With Cincopa, your rich media assets are always with you, ready to be utilized for whichever marketing purpose.

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