Easily Upload your videos to Cincopa using desktop, mobile, API i-frame Uploader, email, URL, ftp, Drop-box, Google Drive, Instagram & Slideshow Pro.

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Bulk upload

Multi-upload any number of files directly to a selected Cincopa gallery at once and easily edit metadata – title, description and tags. Supports both desktop and mobile.

Upload from an email

Upload your files to Cincopa galleries to instantly publish new videos on the go or have your audience send user-generated media directly to your account to moderate and publish.

Upload iframe

If you operate with user-generated content on your wesite, you need a simple solution allowing end users to seamlessly upload media files. Our 'iframe upload' feature helps you to configure a user-friendly interface for drag-n-drop file upload, uploading selected files, as well as editing, managing, and deleting assets.

Take advantage of 'iframe upload' if you work with a CMS-based website, an LMS or CRM system. All media from end-users will be uploaded directly to the galleries they select.

Upload from mobile app

Share photos and videos from your mobile device using the Cincopa Mobile App.

Record from a webcam

Record a video directly from your mobile and webcam to create personalized videos and publish them online or send them via email.

Upload from URL

As every SEO expert will tell you. SEO is black magic. Nothing is garanteed. What we can garantee is the optimal Scanning of Google and its competitors of your Video including Title, Description, Captions, Keywords and Thumbnail you choose to help your page ranking.

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Upload with FTP

Upload and publish a big number of multimedia files at a time with Cincopa FTP uploader. Easily create secure media workflows for your team.


Pull media to your Cincopa account directly from your Dropbox storage.

Google drive

Pull media to your Cincopa account directly from your Google drive.

Slideshow Pro

Easily migrate and import your SlideshowPro galleries directly to Cincopa without losing any custom settings.


Easily import videos and images from Instagram to your Cincopa account.

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