Video Annotations

Make your videos even more engaging and meaningful for your audience. Add different types of video annotations which exactly fit for all your marketing needs:

  • Title annotation - add a line of overlay text into the video player to grab maximum attention. Set its position, timing, custom color, and size.
  • Label annotation - textbox with a custom link will look great whenever you want to highlight a specific part of your video. Customize background color and add a link to your website or landing page.
  • Timeline annotation - mark out some hot points on the video timeline with text and links.
  • Spotlight annotation - overlay text in a frame that marks out noteworthy text at a specified point of the video. This annotation type allows to customize text style and color, frame and the background color.
  • Note annotation - add some notes to the video player to help your viewers understand your topic better. It supports custom background, font style, text color, and custom URLs.

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