Cincopa Files Upload Features

Cincopa's upload page provides users with a few different methods to upload files into their cloud-drive. There is the old uploader feature, based on browsing and selecting files, the desktop media agent that is compatible with PCs and requires download, and there are the recent innovative additions that include drag-and-drop upload and upload-from-camera features.

The Drag-and-drop upload and the upload-from-camera features radically improve the users' experience, save time and memory space, and simplify the entire upload procedure to make it convenient and fast as possible. Upload-from-camera feature is compatible with webcams, android tablets, iPad and mobile devices. Be ahead of everyone else! Upload mobiles, tablets and webcam recordings of lectures, concerts and photo in real time.

Drag and Drop Upload

Drag and drop upload is the easiest way to transfer videos and images from your computer to your Cincopa cloud-drive. Drag-and-drop upload requires you to mark the files you wish to upload by pressing the "Ctrl" key while choosing multiple files. Drag the files, drop them in the designated area, and you are ready to go.

Direct Upload from Webcam

If you use a webcam recording to produce short videos, there is no need to save them separately into your computer and then upload to your Cincopa files. Cincopa application allows you to record from webcam directly into your cloud-drive or upload from webcam to video or photo gallery. The upload from camera feature enables you to record a video using your webcam and publish it instantly.

Direct Upload from iPad, Android devices and Other Portables

Just like with webcam recording, mobile and tablet users may eliminate the intermediary device. Cincopa dismisses you from the need to transfer videos from iPad to computer or from your Android to PC. Simply use Cincopa application to upload from iPad and other tablets and mobiles straight to your galleries. You can upload either existing files or take pictures and record videos using Cincopa upload-from-camera feature. The Cincopa upload page allows you to edit the uploaded file's title and description. When using this feature, images and videos files are automatically saved on both your Cincopa galleries and on your device memory.

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