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Account access control

This article explains how you can control access for CincoTube. Using Access Control, you can either set the Cincotube site as public or internal site. When you set it as public site, you can also enable registration so users can register and login to the site to access the content.

Steps for Access Control: 

  1. Login to your CincoTube account and then click on Settings from the left side bar or click on your account thumbnail from top-right menu and then click on Settings.

  2. Click on the Access Control tab.

  3. Under the Access Control settings, you will see Login Settings. Click on it to expand it and see the Login options available.

    1. Login type

      1. Public site – If you would like to open the cincotube to public, you can set the Login type as Public.

      2. Internal site – If the cincotube site is for internal use, you can set the login type as Internal site.

    2. Registration type

      1. Anyone can register – Any user can register for an account and then login to access the cincotube site.

      2. Restricted to a list – Only the emails and domains that you will specify in the list will be able to register and login to the site.  Upon selecting this option, you will see the Manage Access option where you can add emails and domains that you would like to restrict access to.

      3. Off – Registration is turned off which means one can register or login to the site.

  4. When you have successfully changed the Login options as per your preference, click on the Save button.

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