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Basic definitions of Channels

Below is the description on the Tube’s Channels.

Here’s what a CincoTube Channel is:

  • A Channel is a virtual space to upload media assets.

  • A user can subscribe to many channels.

  • A channel is either private or public.

Sections in your Channel – Channel tabs:

Home: Add Video/Asset

Videos: List of all videos uploaded. A user can manage video assets in this section or delete a video.

About: Information about channels such as Name, Type, when the channel was created, last modified, and the number of subscribers.

Channel Settings 

General: Update channel name and description

Privacy: Change privacy settings to Public or Private

Delete Channel: Deletes channel permanently

Users: Invite users to channel and assign their roles (i.e. Owner, Admin, Contributor, Viewer)

Update avatar: Change channel logo

Update banner: Change channel banner

And that’s it! We hope you now have a better understanding of what your Channels are.

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