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Video & Image SEO

Cincopa offers a variety of tools to help its users with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of their media content. This is the process that affects the visibility of your website or a web page in the search engine.

SEO will help to optimize your website and will increase its relevance to specific keywords of search engines.

There are multiple factors in Cincopa that can help you improve your media content’s SEO. Let’s look at a few important factors that helps your media’s SEO in detail:

Title & Description: Title and Description of your media content can help you with improving its SEO. Hence it is very important for you to choose a good title and description which has SEO friendly keywords.

Tags: Tags are used to group similar media content so its easier for the users to find a type of media. But little did we know, tags are also helpful for the SEO of your media content. Hence we suggest you to choose the proper SEO tags wisely.

Captions/Subtitles: Captions play an important role in video marketing. In particular, they have a lot to do with SEO. Subtitles improve SEO by expanding video engagement, increasing video watch time and time on your website.

JSON-LD: Cincopa uses JSON-LD – a new, super SEO-friendly embed code standard to add SEO to the videos. JSON-LD is a method of encoding Linked Data using JSON. This allows data to be serialized in a way that is similar to traditional JSON.

Briefly, JSON-LD loads the embedded video on a webpage faster and helps search bots to scan it more thoroughly. Video captions coupled up with the power of JSON-LD automatically work for better discovery of your video content in web search. And that’s exactly what you need for effective video marketing.

Go to Galleries >> Choose a Gallery you wish to use SEO for and click on Customize Gallery as shown in the screenshot below.

Now on the left of the screen go to “Basic” settings > step 2 of your gallery and add a small description for your gallery.

Upload media files.

On “Add text” > step 4 of your gallery is important to fill in media details like caption/title and description.

On “Embed Gallery” > step 5 of your gallery you have the option to add or remove SEO tags from embedding code.

NOTE: SEO tags will be enabled by default in embedding code.

SEO in embed code
By default, the embed code will include SEO tags. You can disable it by changing the toggle button to OFF

How to use SEO on a Video from Assets Library?

Go to Assets >> Choose a video you wish to use SEO for and click on Video Settings

Under Assets Info >> Add Title, Descriptions, Notes and Tags which will improve your videos SEO.

Once these details are added, your video is now SEO optimized.



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