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CincoTube Overall settings

Below is the steps on how to manage your settings in your Tube!

Step 1 : Head over to your CincoTube and make sure you are signed in.

Step 2: : Click the settings option
on the bottom left hand corner.

Step 3:
From here you will see the following options and what you can do under each of them.

Branding – Change colors

CSS – Add site CSS code

HTML Fragments – Insert HTML fragments for Header, Footer and Sidebar

General settings – Change site name, URL settings, and Player settings

Backend Stuff – Editor mode, Workspace All

Domains – Subdomain and Customer Domain

Access Control – Login type, Registration type

Attached is an example photo to show you that you are in the right place!

And that’s it! Now you can change the branding settings on your Tube.

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