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How to create Tabs in Gallery


Cincopa has developed a family of elegant, pre-designed, and customizable player templates that are easy to personalize and embed into any website.

After creating a gallery and uploading multimedia content, you have the option to try different customizations and pick the one that best fits your vision.

One of our key features that assists you in organizing a large amount of multimedia content in a single gallery, is our TAB system.

A tab is a graphical control element that allows multimedia assets to be contained within a single window. You can use tabs as a navigational widget for switching between sets of assets.

Step by Step guide on how to add tabs to your galley

Log into your Cincopa Account or  Sign up for a new Cincopa Account

If you have not yet created a gallery, follow this link for information on how to create a Cincopa Gallery

Go to the Gallery  tab and select the settings icon below the Gallery thumbnail.

Note: not all gallery templates support tabs. 

In the Customize Template options, open the Misc menu on the left hand side and scroll down to the Tabs section. To start using the Tabs functionality turn the Tabs slider to the ON position.

Tabs Layout – you can choose from a variety of  Tab styles.

Customize tags and order – Type the names of the Tabs you want to appear in your gallery. You can drag & drop tabs to change the Tab order.
Selecting the USE THESE SETTINGS button this will save your changes and take you to Upload & manage Assets options area of the gallery setup.
Under Upload & Manage Assets you will need to add your multimedia assets to the Tabs by adding Tags to each uploaded file. The assigned tag should be identical to the name of the tab it should appear below.
Follow this link for a guide on how to add/create tags.
When done, click on the NEXT button and preview the gallery.

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