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How to use Auto start feature on Cincopa Galleries?

How to use Auto start feature on Cincopa Galleries?

Cincopa allows users to enable Auto Start feature on their Cincopa Galleries. Auto Start makes the media in your gallery to auto play on load.

In this tutorial, we will see how to autoplay a Cincopa audio gallery.

An Audio Gallery is a collection of audio files that are placed inside a template. In Cincopa you can create an audio gallery using your audio files.

Once an audio gallery is created, you can embed the gallery in your website using your HTML embed option.

To get started, users need to access the URL: https://www.cincopa.com and f you are an existing user then login or register if you are a new user.  Users can register an account here: https://www.cincopa.com/register.aspx?

Create an Audio Gallery

Log in to your Cincopa Account and click on Galleries.

Now click on New Gallery to create a new gallery

In the next step, to select a template click on Audio Playlist and choose a template that you like. Then click on USE THIS TEMPLATE

Now click on Advanced

Next, you must enable the autostart toggle options and hit Next/USE THESE SETTINGS

Next click on Choose Files to browse the audio files or Drag and Drop the audio files.

Once the audio files are uploaded, you can give a title and description for the audio files and click on NEXT

Now click on Copy Embed Code to copy the html code that is generated.


Embed the HTML code to your website

You can embed this HTML code to any website. In this example, we will copy the HTML code to a WordPress website.

First Login to your WordPress Dashboard

You can add this HTML code anywhere as you wish, but for this example, we will add the HTML code to the footer widget so that we can test the audio continuously.

To add the HTML code to the Footer widget, click on Appearance>>Widgets

Next drag and drop the Custom HTML widget to the footer area

Next paste the copied HTML code to this Custom HTML widget and save the changes.

If you go to your website and see you will find the audio player embedded in the footer area of the website.

To test it, simply open the website where you added the audio player and you will see that on load the audio player starts playing automatically.


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