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How to Start Live Streaming on CincoTube

Thumbnail of video tutorial: How to start live streaming on CincoTube

CincoTube users can now live stream directly from the platform, eliminating the need for third-party apps. With screen and webcam sharing options, community engagement features, and secure link sharing, it enhances interaction and simplifies the streaming process for content creators, educators, and event marketers.

Get started

  • Log in to your CincoTube account. 
  • Navigate to the channel where you want to start live streaming.
  • Click + to access the upload menu. Select Create a live event.

asset upload menu - click "Create a live event"

  • Give it a Name and a Description. You can always update them later. 
  • Schedule the event to go live in advance with our date and time picker, or start live streaming now. 

Fill in the name, description, start date and time

  • Click Choose thumbnail to upload an image if you want to customize your thumbnail.
  • Once done, click CREATE

Start live streaming

  • Choose what you want to share in your live stream from the following options:
    • Screen only
    • Camera only
    • Both

Options for live stream: Screen only, Camera only, Both

💡Pro Tip

If you select Both, you’ll activate a talking bubble visible to your viewers along with a shared screen. Share your entire screen if you want the talking bubble to be visible at all times. If you choose to share a tab, your viewers will see the shared tab in full screen without the talking bubble.

  • Click Start Stream to go live. Once you’re live, you’ll be able to pause or stop your live stream by clicking on the buttons on the control panel.
  • Click View Stream to go to the live streaming page.

Control panel - View live stream

  • Share the secure link with your event participants to access the live.

Share a secure link to your live stream



Your viewers will be asked to log into their account to join the live-streaming event when:

    • Your site visibility is Internal.
    • Your channel is set to Private or accessible by registered users only.

To change the setting of your site visibility, please go to Settings > Access Restrictions. Learn more about Access Control.



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