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What is a Cincopa Master Gallery?

The best way of explaining it will be to see what you can do with it.


By linking a gallery to a Master Gallery, It will take the template and customization settings of the Master.  Any changes made to the Master will be magically reflected in the linked gallery.

So unlike a preset, You don’t have to re-apply it to countless galleries when you want to change the player color, add a logo to an image gallery or change the timing settings of a slideshow.


A Master Gallery can also be a starting point for new galleries, which will automatically be linked, acting as a default template.

As the customization options are “locked”, You will go straight to Upload & Manage.


Getting Started:

Setting a gallery as a Master Template

Setting an existing gallery as a master template is done by navigating to galleries, expanding the gallery options and setting it as a master.

Caution: A master gallery cannot be deleted or “unmastered”


Linking a gallery to a Master Template



FAQ – Master Gallery Template:


How do I unlink a gallery and what happens when I unlink it?

When customizing a linked gallery, you can unlink it from its Master Gallery. When that happens, It will regain its original template and customization settings.


How do I assign a new master gallery?

Navigate to the galleries view, Click the dropdown settings of the gallery you wish to assign and set it as a master gallery.


Can I delete a master gallery?

No. We restriction deletion for your own safety. If you really want to delete a master, contact your account manager. He will be able to do it for you.


Can I assign a linked gallery to a different master?

Yes. In galleries page, navigate to the linked gallery and assign it to a different Master Gallery


What happends to a linked gallery when I change the settings of a Master Gallery?

Like some kind of magic, It will change its appearance and behavior instantly.


Can I customize a linked gallery?

No, You will find the customization view locked.




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