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Getting started

  • Create Media Gallery

    To create a media gallery with Cincopa you need to choose a skin for your gallery based on your media...
  • Customize Gallery

    Your media content is truly powerful – and Cincopa customization can ensure engagement with your audience, which drives business for you. Cincopa offers...
  • Upload media files

    Step 3 in Cincopa “Start” wizard is uploading your media files. We support all type of media and file extensions....
  • Embed and Share

    Once the media file is uploaded and the media gallery settings and customisation are done, the gallery is ready to be embedded on your...
  • Master Gallery Template

    Welcome to a whole new world of productivity and brand consistency using Master Galleries.   Cincopa Master Gallery – Overview...
  • Video Portals

    Cincopa Video Portals let you easily organize and showcase your videos into one single digital space. Designed for both marketing and secure internal videos.
  • SharePage & ShareLinks

    Create a brandable Sharepage to showcase a Video, Channel, media item or a Gallery as a fully-hosted page to share with your audience as an unlisted Sharelink.