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Video Chapters help divide your long videos into multiple short sections with Titles.

Creating chapters in Cincopa allows the users to add multiple points in a video and then make the chapters visible as a timeline in the video. This helps the viewers to easily navigate through different chapters without having to watch the entire video.

Video Chapters are very helpful in creating tutorial/help videos where each chapter will represent a topic of discussion. This makes it easier for the viewer to find the help topic they are looking for.

Creating Video Chapters will also allow you to show your viewers what’s coming next and help them understand what they can expect to see in the video.

Here we will talk about:

Press here to view a video on how to add chapters to your video


How to create Chapters for your Cincopa Video Asset?

Log into your Cincopa Account or  Sign up for a new Cincopa Account

Open your Assets list,  search for the video you want to add chapters to, and click on the video settings icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you are in the video settings, click on Chapters

Adding Chapters Manually one by one

To add chapter press on the ‘Add Chapters’ link.

Note: Press the ‘Add Chapters’ link for each additional chapter that you would like to add.

Here you can add titles and seconds to create your chapters.

In this example:

  •  test1 is first chapter title that will take the viewer to the 00:00:01 second
  •  test2 is second chapter title that will take the viewer to the 00:00:03 second

Adding Chapters bulk

Another way to add chapters is by pressing on the Edit Bulk link. This option will open a window where you can add titles and seconds to create your chapters.

Once you added all the chapters, click on Save button

You will now see the chapter added to the video. To view the video, simply click on the chapters icon in the video player as shown in the screenshot below

You can then click on Add Chapter or  Edit bulk to continue adding more chapters to your video. After you add multiple chapters you can see all the chapters in the video and access the one you want to view.


Editing/Removing a chapter?

Once a chapter is created you may want to Edit some information or remove a particular chapter from your video. Hence Cincopa allows you to edit/remove the chapters that you already created.

To do so, you will have to go back to the Chapters section and simply click on the chapter title or seconds you would like to change.

The created chapter will appear in the Gallery as well when the asset with chapters played.

Which templates support Chapters

After creating chapters, they will be displayed automatically on the galleries with the following skins:

  • Spree Video Playlist
  • Online Video Course
  • Billboard Video Player

After creating chapters, you will have the ability to turn them ON/OFF chapters in the galleries with the following skins (by default chapters will be turned off):

  • Photon Video Player
  • Video gallery with right playlist, large preview
  • Video Academy Template
  • Video with horizontal playlist

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