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Capture leads using video, pass viewing data into HubSpot, score, segment and nurture prospects.
Assign your sales team - ready to close leads.

To try out the Integration

Video Lead Generation

Generate more leads using video lead generation

Capture any information on your video using native HubSpot forms

Gate your videos with forms and capture viewers when they are most engage. Use native HubSpot forms to extend our lead generation with any fields you can image to enrich lead data.

Get Actionable Video Insights with video heatmaps

See which parts your prospect found interest in.

Understand how different sections of your videos are performing on different audiences and personas.

Video Heatmap
Video Timeline

Contact timeline Events - Know what, when and how much a viewer watched

The video data viewing will show up on the contact's timeline as a cincopa video event.
See the title of the video watched, When a prospect watched it and how engaged was he with the content (Video heatmap + Video % watched)

Video lead scoring

Quality leads with video

Create static or dynamic smart lists in HubSpot based on your prospect's behavior with your video content using Cincopa's video events.

Assign action rules to specific lists and score your prospects,

For example:

  • (+) user was onboarded this week and watched >70% of a 20 minutes webinar.
  • (–) user was onboarded this week and watched less than 1% of a 20 minutes webinar.
Lead Scoring

Nurture leads using Video

Create Marketing Automation Actions

Use Cincopa’s video data and events such as Video played % and Video form submitted to generate smart lists, Enroll viewers and prospects into workflows, score leads, assign and alert sales and team members when their leads are watching specific videos and have them to close more deals.

Workflow Hubspot

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