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Cooliris Video Presentation - No one Can Stay Indifferent

There are many different video player templates that allow you to choose the size, layout, playlist and other setting options; however, none of those players can guarantee users admiration and engagement as the unique Cooliris video player. The Cooliris video template displays a 3D Cooliris video gallery with multiple viewing and browsing options and plenty of transitions and special effects. The video Cooliris style presentation provides a dynamic and interactive viewing experience that captures the visitors' attention before they even start to watch the videos.

Creating and embedding the Cooliris video player via Cincopa multimedia platform is a fast and simple procedure, which requires no special knowledge; yet, it grants you with a full control over the appearance and content of your display. You can decide upon the size, the layout, the number of files and even determine who is authorized to download your media.

Cincopa multimedia platform provides you with everything you need for easy and fast establishment of your 3D photo gallery or 3D video gallery, including hosting and delivery services, full protection for your files, multiple customization options and endless upload sources. A simple wizard functions as your guide through the brief procedure; so, there is no need for prior knowledge. It is a very plain recipe: you bring the media files; Cincopa brings the skills, and the outcome is a stunning gallery 3D style.


Cooliris Video Templates

You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

  • Responsive
  • Desktop 1280x720
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

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How it works

1Select a Cooliris Video Player template

Choose a video player Cooliris compatible template and customize your options. Preview the template on a separate window. Repeat the brief procedure with additional templates until you find the perfect one for you.

2Upload Video Files

Upload any number of video files to Cincopa cloud drive and organize them in your private folders. You may upload files from any web URL or from your own PC or mobile devices. Cincopa application is responsible to complete any needed technical action such as conversions and photos resizing.

3Embed simple code

Select the method of your site; Cooliris video gallery may be added to any webpage that accepts HTML and to all common CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Weebly, Drupal, Ning, Blogger etc.; moreover, you may promote your Cooliris video on numerous social networks, RSS feed and mail systems.

Copy the simple line of code, generated by Cincopa's simple wizard, and paste it exactly where you want to display your Cooliris video player widget.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


Why Choose Cincopa's Cooliris Video Player Creator?

Cincopa rich media platform provides you with a Cooliris video kit, which includes all products, features and services needed to create and manage a professional Cooliris video player. Besides the video Cooliris compatible template selection and customization options, you are granted with a reliable CDN, pseudo-streaming technologies and hosting and delivery services that ensure superb performance with no buffering issues. In addition, Cincopa utilizes a high-end security system to make sure your files are totally protected, unless you choose to allow users to download your media files.

The Cooliris video player is compatible with all mobile devices and all popular browsers; it enables a remote access to your folders for easy management and provides full documentation and attentive support. The process is remarkably fast and easy, thanks to the simple wizard that guides you through every step of the way. The basic Cooliris video kit is totally free with a few available upgraded options consisting of advanced features and extended hosting and delivery services.

Cooliris Video Player Main Features

  1. Supports all mobiles devices
  2. Remote access - manage your Cooliris video gallery from any of your devices
  3. Easy management
  4. Full scalability
  5. Upload any number of files - unlimited to your server quota
  6. Download videos from any web URL
  7. Pseudo-streaming
  8. Automatic backups and reports
  9. Automatic transcoding, conversions and photo resizing
  10. Multiple templates video Cooliris compatible
  11. SEO friendly
  12. Full protection for your files - set download permissions
  13. Supports all major video formats
  14. Free hosting and delivery services
  15. Multiple customization options