What Is The Connection Between a Content Delivery Network and Your Online Business?

Let's say you have a pretty popular, fast loading blog post with a nice load of traffic. You have high quality content, stylish design and more than a few loyal readers; but you are realistic enough to know that no relationship can thrive if it is not being nurtured.

Well, the obvious thing to do is to embed rich media widgets on your posts. These sensorial additions may do miracles with your written words, mainly because of the impatience, intolerance and boredom experienced by the average internet user, who gets too much information and has no time to spare. So what you really need is more than just embedding media; you need a fast loading, with no buffering and lingering media displays. How can you achieve a fast loading media? By using a content delivery network of course.

Common Functionality Problems You May Encounter With the Absence of Cincopa's CDN Services

Implementing spectacular image galleries, slideshows, video players and music players are all great ways to make your audience stay longer at your pages and pay attention to whatever you have to say; but, there are a few problems you must deal with, approaching this line of improvement by yourself:

  1. You will have to create a gallery, upload it to your servers and embed it into your blog; meaning, you must have some programming skills or you need to hire professional help.
  2. Your hosting server will probably not have enough space and bandwidth to handle your rich media files, and you will have to upgrade your package.
  3. You should expect plenty of performance problems with your media and blog, even after purchasing the needed upgrade. Regular servers are doomed to develop major difficulties, when dealing with large, heavy files, which they need to render quickly. Unsolved issues like traffic "bottlenecking" and fast loading speed problems might have devastating effects on your site, since web users tend to turn away and leave slow, lagging pages.

Cincopa was established exactly for solving these kinds of problems. It provides you with all the tools you need for hosting, delivering, creating and managing your rich media content. Cincopa products and services are free for most users and require no programming skills, at all.

Cincopa's Application and CDN Feature Will Solve All of Your Media Issues Beforehand

Many content distribution and media platforms, as well as E-commerce hosting and delivery companies, are proud to be working with a reliable CDN company, and even present it as one of their major merits. How does it involve you and your web pages?

CDN is a huge content delivery network that uses could-computing technologies to ensure its users a fast client's access and the highest delivery speed possible. Content distribution network companies are composed of multiple, powerful servers, located in different countries around the world, to make sure your media and content enjoy fast loading with no buffering, stuttering or other annoying delays.

The fact that Cincopa has combined forces with Edgcast, the largest and most popular CDN company on the internet today, should mean a lot to you. It means you and your visitors are in good hands as far as:

  1. Reliability
  2. Secured content delivery
  3. Fast image loading; no buffering videos; no stuttering music
  4. Entire site acceleration
  5. Complete backups
  6. Storage and traffic reports
  7. Unlimited to your server's quota
  8. Remote access from any device
  9. Complete scalability
  10. Complete support for mobile devices
  11. Automatic conversions, transcoding and photo resizing.

Content Distribution Network Should Certainly Be on Your Top Priority List!

Cincopa has numerous, amazing features that will surely help you to establish unique, gorgeous presentations; but having CDN services is maybe the most important one, as it is crucial for your site activity, security, functionality and reliability. Content delivery network is essential for producing an optimal users' experience.

Some of The Cincopa's Features, Unrelated to CDN

  • Cincopa media platform enables you to create your own media galleries and slideshows and host them for free on its dedicated servers.
  • Cincopa application allows you a full control over your widgets appearance and content. It offers over 100 media templates options and abundant customization options.
  • Cincopa's application and CDN support all major CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Ning etc., as well as RSS feed and any other HTML based web-page. With Cincopa, you can embed your media widgets anywhere in your pages and easily change it whenever you want.