Playlist over Video

This video player with a transparent playlist layered on top of the video display is not only eye catching and unique but is also highly effective. You get both a large video player, which provides a highly enjoyable viewing experience and an unlimited, user-friendly playlist with thumbnails, titles and descriptions, all occupying the same page space.
The control bar of the playlist-over-video player is well equipped. It has all needed elements; Play/Pause, Previous and Next buttons, progress bar, full-screen button, volume slider, a time control display and add a playlist button. You may customize the player's size, appearance and functions, add a logo to your videos and set the security options. Creating and embedding the video player is easy and requires no special skill, unless you wish to edit the main CSS files for further modifications. There are many other efficient features that go along with the playlist over video skin such as Google Analytics integration and a YouTube-Like-Playlist option.
The video gallery is hosted and delivered by a reliable CDN, which ensures an impeccable performance. You can upload any number of videos via various methods and embed the responsive video player in any HTML or CMS page, as well as, countless social channels.

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Responsive Playlist-over-Video – Main Features:

  1. Responsive layout
  2. Set the video player's size
  3. Activate Auto-play
  4. Control bar includes the following elements: Play/Pause, Prev., Next, Volume Slider, Full-screen option, Time Control and a Progress bar
  5. Add gallery name and description
  6. Multiple upload and embed methods
  7. Unlimited videos
  8. SEO friendly
  9. High end Content Delivery Network – uses advanced technologies such as video streaming
  10. Remote access to the video gallery
  11. Easy management

Advanced Features:

  1. Main CSS files included
  2. Show or hide playlist
  3. Show or hide control bar
  4. Set initial volume level
  5. Pause other players while the Playlist-over-video player is activated
  6. Offer users to add the video gallery to their YouTube-Like-Playlist (when video ends, when video starts, paused and ends or when video paused and ends)
  7. Customize the control bar elements
  8. Activate Loop and Shuffle options
  9. Add Shuffle button
  10. Add a Playlist button (a click opens a playlist on the upper half of the player, composed of the video titles only)
  11. Video branding – add your logo to the videos, set its position and insert a click URL
  12. Allow user to download your videos
  13. Domain Lock – submit a list of domain, which are entitled to display your gallery
  14. Google Analytics integration
  15. Add a search box

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You can easily customize the template using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

  • Responsive
  • Desktop 1280x720
  • Tablet
  • Mobile