How to add video to Moodle with Cincopa Media Plugin

Moodle is a learning management system created for educational needs. This platform is widely used for distance education, blended education, e-learning projects, and creating educational websites of different complexity. Cincopa is fully compatible with this leading LMS platform. Integrating your educational website with Cincopa media plugin for Moodle video can be a great option to improve content quality and increase knowledge retention.

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Add attractive Moodle video with Cincopa

Cincopa unlocks an opportunity to use engaging rich-media content with your Moodle website that can turn educational process into an unforgettable experience. Make your lessons more interactive with slideshows, charts, audio lectures, video tutorials, visualized materials containing annotations, comments, and cue points. Cincopa is an ideal solution to add video for Moodle, as well as any custom multimedia gallery: video portal, video timeline, video playlist, grid gallery with videos and images, slideshows, podcasts, audio player, and much more. Cincopa takes care of hosting all multimedia assets, so you’ll save your Moodle website space. Another great feature is Chromecast integration enabling you to cast videos and audios to a big TV screen in front of a live audience, which is perfect to grab more attention and keep people engaged.

Cincopa plugin for Moodle

Cincopa media plugin for Moodle is an ideal solution to extend the features of an e-learning website. It can be installed from Cincopa’s website or Moodle plugin directory in a few clicks. Take advantage of Cincopa’s rich media skin collection optimized for educational websites which lets you publish interactive media content right from your Moodle dashboard. With Cincopa plugin, you can focus on content quality instead of dealing with technical issues of your website.

Create interactive polls and quizzes

Polls and quizzes can be much more interactive and fun when integrated with online video. Students will be excited to express their opinion and answer questions right in the video player without interrupting the viewing process. Lead Generator is a smart video tool provided by Cincopa, which is great to collect and save custom data from video viewers. Lecturers and trainers can use it to create engaging questionnaires, embed them organically into video footage, save all submits automatically and measure results in a more effective way. It works as a user-friendly HTML form which pops over the video content at any point specified by a poll creator. All submitted information from students can be saved externally, for example, with email platforms like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Lead Generator is tied to Cincopa Video Analytics that can be used as a source of valuable insights into viewers’ behavior and personal stats.