CDN Video for Mobile Devices

All content delivery networks share the same goal; enhancing content distribution, increasing world-wide availability and improving the end-user experience. Cincopa's Mobile CDN system provides a solution for the unique features and drawbacks mobile devices and wireless networks tend to have such as high latency, limited network capacity and data loss. The CDN servers (nodes) located around the globe, are connected to Mobile Network Operators, optimizing the entire process.
There are many types of mobile devices, screen resolutions, internet connection and other factors, which the CDN system must take under consideration when delivering content to the end user. Delivering bulk content such as video assets makes the process more complicated since video files are quite heavy, demand continuous, smooth screening display and on top of that, they come in various formats.

Cincopa Mobile CDN for video content

Cincopa mobile CDN provides a few extra services for video files distribution. It detects the device in use and automatically performs required adaptations such as conversions and transcoding, image rendering and bit-rate modifications. It uses advanced technologies such as live streaming and pseudo-streaming (progressive download) to assure the best possible performance and viewing experience with no buffering and stuttering issues.

The Significance of CDN for video distribution

Content delivery network is highly reliable system thanks to the node structure, which reduces the traffic load on the main server. It enables secure storing and consistent delivery both imperative for large files downloads, or streaming media like videos or audios that require large transfer rates. Internet users, today, are not a patient audience; they do not want to wait for the video to load and they certainly will not keep watching the video once they encounter delays and problems such as buffering, stuttering, freezing, jitters and service interruptions.

Video CDN Functions and Benefits

Cincopa uses a professional mobile CDN, which is designed to provide high quality, fast and efficient video delivery to a massive scale of mobile users around the world. Here are some of the Cincopa video mobile CDN features and characteristics that make it worthwhile:

  1. Global distribution – video content becomes highly available all over the world
  2. Viewing experience – crystal clear and high fidelity performance; no latency issues
  3. Mobile users – all users can enjoy the same viewing experience no matter which device they use
  4. Hosting services – secure and reliable hosting of video files
  5. Security – the video files are distributed only to authorized domains and may or may not be downloaded by users, according to the preset security options.
  6. Web acceleration – speeding up the load time of video content and other digital assets allows the entire site to load much faster than it could with any other type of video hosting services
  7. Cost reduction – using Cincopa CDN for video distribution reduces the traffic and bandwidth consumption, thus lowers the burden on the hosting system and reduces expenses.
  8. Easy management – mobile optimized CDN allows an easy, fast and remote content management.
  9. Detours – the video files are delivered through the shortest and fastest route at any given time. The CDN system function is not influenced by individual server crashes and can avoid traffic congestions.
  10. Automatic transcoding and adaptations – Cincopa application and its mobile video CDN are responsible for all coding modifications
  11. Google Analytics integration – video CDN enables a direct connection to GA accounts in order to track and analyze users' engagement.
  12. Support – professional 24/7 support by mobile CDN experts
  13. Improve SEO –response time and loading speed are important factors for search engines and so is the website's IP address. Website and media acceleration improves the site ranking in search results. In addition, the fact that CDN systems do not have a fixed location but instead use various geographical locations that suit the end user location is highly beneficial for international websites SEO.

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