Video CDN Pricing and Benefits

Cincopa platform provides hosting and delivery services through Edgecast CDN. The reliable distribution system has multiple servers located along a global network. The servers, referred to as nodes, hold copies of the video content. They support all popular video formats and use advanced video streaming technologies, thus, enable high availability, fast load-times and high quality performance.

The Advantages of Cincopa CDN Video Services

Using professional video streaming CDN assures an instant upload with no buffering and stuttering and a full protection for your video files. It grants you with traffic reports and backups that protect you from possible server crashes; it performs automatic conversions and photo resizing and allows remote access to your galleries. The mobile CDN detects the device in use, the connection type and screen resolution and delivers the appropriate version to the end-user in the blink of an eye.

Let's face it; video content might become a burden. The large, heavy files require a lot of storage space and bandwidth, which are not only costly, but might also create latency issues and traffic congestions. By allowing Cincopa to handle the hosting and distribution of your media, you avoid potential performance problems, facilitate the management process and save bandwidth, which leads to lower expenses.

There is no reason paying extra for CDN services for the entire website if you can use it only for your video displays and still get the same result of site acceleration. Moreover, through Cincopa platform you can promote your videos on numerous social channels and mailing systems, even if you have no website.

The Significance of CDN for video distribution

Content delivery network is highly reliable system thanks to the node structure, which reduces the traffic load on the main server. It enables secure storing and consistent delivery both imperative for large files downloads, or streaming media like videos or audios that require large transfer rates. Internet users, today, are not a patient audience; they do not want to wait for the video to load and they certainly will not keep watching the video once they encounter delays and problems such as buffering, stuttering, freezing, jitters and service interruptions.

Cincopa Video CDN Pricing

    All video galleries created via Cincopa application are hosted and distributed by the high-end content delivery network. Check our plan page for more information.

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