What is CDN Video Streaming?

Content's delivering speed is one of the most critical factors, which determine the user experience and satisfaction level. Video content typically includes very large files, which take a long time to download; thus, might create traffic jams and suffer from latency and buffering issues. Users today do not like to wait for the video to download and they show no forgiveness to poor video performance. A reliable content delivery network (CDN) with video streaming enables a professional, high performance distribution and the best possible delay-free viewing experience regardless of the audience internet connection type, device in use and geographic area.

Video Streaming

Cincopa mobile CDN provides a few extra services for video files distribution. It detects the device in use and automatically performs required adaptations such as conversions and transcoding, image rendering and bit-rate modifications. It uses advanced technologies such as live streaming and pseudo-streaming (progressive download) to assure the best possible performance and viewing experience with no buffering and stuttering issues.

The Significance of CDN for video distribution

Video streaming is a digital media delivery method that allows a constant receiving and displaying of video files by the end user. Video streaming technology breaks the large video files into smaller time frames so that the viewer does not have to wait for the entire video to download. Additionally, the viewer may "jump" around the video and watch any part of it without following the chronological order.

CDN Video Streaming

Credible CDN is a powerful infrastructure for video distribution. The CDN does not merely use streaming video techniques but also facilitates the process of uploading, transcoding and managing the rich media content.

The CDN system identifies the end-user device, the internet connection and the exact location. Since the network has servers (nodes) spread all around the globe, it caches content and stores a copy on the server closest to the end user in order to avoid congestion and improve access speeds. The CDN monitors the performance over the different nodes and sends the video through the best performing route at a given time. CDN selects the proper presentation method for the current platform; it distributes videos in the format that suits the device and in the appropriate bit-rate to allow the optimal viewing experience.

Video streaming is essential, if you do not want to lose viewers due to delays and low quality performance. CDN systems provide video streaming delivery and a few other benefits that make CDN video streaming the most efficient video delivery technology

The Benefits of CDN Video Streaming

  1. Web acceleration – the system creates copies of the content and stores them on different locations around the world. This action speeds the delivery time and prevents possible traffic overloads.
  2. Automatic conversions and transcoding – CDN video streaming supports all popular video formats
  3. Random seek – users can watch any part of the video, whenever they want
  4. Video management – the content owner receives a complete tool-set that simplifies the management and distribution process
  5. Adaptive bit-rate – the system adjust the bit rate to the end user connection properties and to the device in use.
  6. High quality CDN streaming video allows 'Ads free' content delivery
  7. The same video files may be distributed to multiple websites and social channels
  8. Secure media files – a reliable CDN guarantees the files are totally protected
  9. Delivery modes - CDN video streaming allows various modes such as live streaming and pseudo-streaming
  10. Easy Google Analytics integration

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